Student Projects

To celebrate Western Library's 100th anniversary, students from SASAH, and the Arts and Humanities Student Council were asked to create a book sculture.

Weldon 1 weldon 2 weldon 4


Morgan McAuley's essay from AH 1020E (2015-2016)

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"Portraits: Self and Others (it's complicated)" - AH 2200E assignment

Experiential Learning project by Maryam Golafshani

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Diyana Noory's project on postmodernism from AH 1020E (2015-2016)

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The River Is Everywhere: Investigating Local Water through Images and Activism | Exhibition at Satellite Project Space - February 2016

This celebratory event showcased the creative investigations of a class entitled "Water Now,"through the presentation of photographs, posters, a water treatment sculpture, and an archive developed by the students. This SASAH course was taught by Prof. Patrick Mahon from Visual Arts and the exhibit was on display February 9-12, 2016 at Satellite Project Space in downtown London. At the opening reception, an Indigenous ceremony was performed by Dan and Mary Lou Smoke and all attendees were invited to participate.

The Gravestone Project 

The "gravestone project" or "cemetery project" was a research endeavor in which pairs of students were given a photo of a 19th-century gravestone in London's Woodland Cemetery. Using primary materials (old city, court, and burial records, etc.), the students learned about the lives and times of the people who were buried in "their" graves, after which they presented their findings in whatever format they chose.

Maggie Graham and Sarah Ball created the video "They Are Not Here"

Erik Bazjert created a video entitled The Welds of London.


Alana Heenan and Meryn Loeb created a video entitled "The Sharpe Gravestone".


Cassandra Haley and Julia Sebastian - created a Facebook page for Charles Herbert Collyer. To read more about this project, click here

Maryam Golafsham and Prem Ramani:

Jade Biggar/Julian Saddy:

Kristen Nadal and Leanne Horde:

Kristen Nadal: Pt. 1:  Pt. 2: 

SASAH students reflect on experiential learning trip to Rwanda in May 2014

 A Season in Kigali. This video is a reflection of the experiential learning trip taken by Western students in May 2014. SASAH students Nicholas Pincombe and Rachel Goldstein were amongst the group of students that traveled with Prof. Henri Boyi and lived in Rwanda for five weeks. During their stay, the students were immersed in a number of community projects and initiatives while also learning about the culture and history of the country.

SASAH students' project draws history from old home 

As part of a classroom assignment, SASAH students were asked to research a local historical home. Students presented their findings in a number of creative ways including handmade books, newspaper articles and essays. One group (students include Haley Everitt, Jacqueline Grassi, Dessa Hayes) had the pleasure of researching the historic home of David and Ann Lindsay, and presented their findings in a creative video.

Haley Everitt comments on the experience: "Dessa, Jacqueline, and I were lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to visit the house we spent a great deal of time researching for our project. It was wonderful to drive up to the house only recognizable to us from Jacqueline's pencil sketches and to meet the owners we had read so much about in the archives section of the library. Thank you to David and Ann Lindsay for your gracious invitation and your enthusiasm while showing us around your beautiful home. We would also like to thank Jessica Schagerl, the Alumni and Development Officer for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, for arranging the visit."