Tiffany Lin

Class of 2023

Double Major in SASAH and English Language with a Minor in French

Favorite thing about SASAH:

I love how SASAH is so unpredictable—there’s so much variety to the material that the program offers. Each cohort and each student has a different experience with SASAH because, although we all somewhat share a common goal, there’s so much room for every individual to take on something that appeals to their own interests. I love how open-ended our projects are and being able to see the uniqueness and creativity behind everyone’s work is something that I don’t think is a common occurrence outside of SASAH.

Favorite Project so far:

My favourite project has to be the Everyday Life Project that we did with Professor Kate Stanley, where we all chose to do something every day that would ideally help alter the way we perceive the world. This project not only helped me be able to be more self-reflective and attentive but also to discover new ideas that would have been impossible to learn from textbooks.