Angelina Havaris

Class of 2023

Double Major in SASAH and Honours Specialization in Creative Writing and English Language and Literature

Favorite thing about SASAH:

What I love about SASAH is the community we have with each other. I think that the small cohort size allows for a close-knit community, which was something I didn't anticipate when I originally applied for the program. I’m truly grateful for the people I’ve been able to meet and friendships I’ve cultivated in SASAH that I wouldn’t have outside of the program. Knowing that you are part of a diverse community, and yet one where everyone shares the same passion and commitment for engaging within the arts and humanities is another aspect of the program that I really love. There are so many opportunities available to us within SASAH to learn and grow outside of our initial majors and we're also usually given complete freedom to present our projects through any medium that we think will best suit the project. 

Favorite project so far:

My favourite project that I’ve done for SASAH is one we did in first year on fugitive slaves in Canada. My project partner and I were assigned to read about Rev J.W Loguen and then present his life story in any form that we liked. For our presentation, we decided to use a map and pin the locations of where he’d traveled, as well as provide descriptions of the events that occurred when he was in these specific locations and to talk about what resonated with us the most about his life and journey to freedom. I think what stands out to me most about that assignment was getting to see how unique everyone’s presentations were because we’d been given so much creative freedom.