Amber Carroll

Class of 2024

Double Major in SASAH and Health Sciences with a Module in Scholar's Electives

Hometown: Ancaster, Hamilton, ON

Favourite project so far:

In second year, I really enjoyed the publishing collective project! We got to work in groups of four to create a blog page. It was something that we worked on throughout the semester, using our discussions in lecture and readings to progressively improve the assignment. One of the great parts about SASAH is the opportunity to truly dive into subject matter and approach course content with creativity. Because of the publishing collective, we didn’t just get an introduction to digital humanities where we wrote a few papers, did one presentation, and attended weekly lectures; we immersed ourselves in the content in a way that was truly applicable to work outside of the classroom.

Favourite thing about SASAH:

Amber has published an online article on students and sleep! Read it here

My favourite thing about SASAH is the small cohort size. We all have the opportunity to really connect with our professors and actively contribute to our learning experience. SASAH allows me to pursue personalized opportunities for growth through a strong network that truly cares about my success. Not only do I know that I can reach out to the faculty and staff in SASAH and receive the resources I need both within and beyond the classroom, but I know that the support I receive will coincide with my post-secondary journey rather than being a copy-paste recommendation.

Current/future plans you're excited for:

I’m looking forward to continuing with Experiential Learning. Without this aspect of the program, I never would have thought to pursue the enriching internship and co-op experiences that I have participated in. Initially, I had received some credit from working at Western in Student Experience but I quickly realized that these work experiences can really compliment my academic life. I then fell in love with the Design Thinking Program (DTP) after hearing about it through SASAH. Now I’m doing a co-op at RBC in Early Talent and will be returning next summer to continue to support students in programming similar to the DTP. Without the unique experiential learning opportunities offered to SASAH students, I never would have thought I could truly say that I love my job!