Student Testimonials

I could not have asked for a more enriching learning experience than my Graphic Design internship with Western Libraries this summer. There was a great variety of work and a wonderful team of people supporting me and pushing me towards new learning opportunities, and it has left me feeling more confident about a future working in social media and graphic design.  – Sophia Belyk

My experience interning at Latitude 46 Publishing taught me invaluable lessons both personally and professionally. I was given the opportunity to work in the industry and build connections with amazing new people, and get real life experience that I will carry with me when I graduate from Western and SASAH and pursue my career in editing. – Noelle Schmidt 

I spent the month of July 2018 teaching in the Cree community of Chisasibi in Northern Quebec.  One in a team of five educators, I taught French Mathematics and FSL in a summer school session aimed towards helping final year students retake board and ministry exams in order to graduate. – Margaret Graham 

Working with the London Children’s Connection gave me the opportunity to get involved with the greater London community and break out of the Western bubble. Spending my afternoons with the kindergarten class at Mountsfield was like taking a break from reality where I could explore imaginary lands, make arts and crafts, and enjoy the innocence of childhood. It did not feel like a chore but something I looked forward to every day.  – Veronica Botnick

Engaging with the many different kinds of people in the various capacities within the Museum of Ontario Archaeology and the Vindolanda Field school was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. I got to learn from experts in their field on topics that I may have only tangentially knew before then, or had no previous knowledge of, that just enriched my time spent there. I cannot recommend the program or institutions enough, nor overstate how important the people I worked with became to me in the short times I worked with them.  – Victoria Burnett

My two experiential learning courses were definitely highlights of my undergrad! For the first, I started a small art business which gave me a chance to take art lessons for the first time, and get an intro to business, marketing and entrepreneurship. For the second, I volunteered with Anova, the merger and rebranding of what used to be Sexual Assault Center London and Women’s Community House. I was lucky enough to work with an amazing team of people, both behind the scenes in the shelter, planning for how to make it pet-friendly, and doing outreach workshops in the community. It was an incredible experience through which I met some awesome mentors and had the chance to help with projects that have a real impact on my community. It really helped me understand how academic skills can transfer to the workplace, and imagine the possible futures I might pursue once I graduate.  – Alex Busch

After spending my third year of university on exchange in the UK, I applied to be an International Learning Ambassador Team Leader through a work study position at Western International. Thankfully, this counted toward my CEL credit. My placement was rewarding because not only was I passionate about the work I was doing, I was also developing useful interpersonal and technical skills. SASAH’s CEL program will definitely help you develop real, valuable, skills that will make you feel prepared for the workplace after you graduate! – Mackenzie Desbiens

I am a proud alumna of The Walrus internship program! Under the Digital Editorial department, I made valuable industry connections and learned pertinent editorial skills that gave me a better sense of the media landscape in Canada. I would recommend it to anyone looking to develop their communications skills and get a taste for the journalism industry. – Amelia Eqbal

Overall, being a member at Raising the Roof sparked an excitement in me, for working for a nonprofit organization, that I never had before because I didn’t know what they were truly like, and now that I know more, I am incredibly eager for what my future holds! – Lexie Hesketh-Pavilons

Working for Disney was a dream come true. Learning how Disney operates and becoming a cast member opened my eyes to how everything Disney does is extensive, and everything works together to create magical moments. Using this experience as my SASAH internship made this a much more enriching and valuable experience that I will cherish forever. Sierra Joseph

My internship at the Judith and Norman Alix Art Gallery was an incredible experience. Being someone who loves learning new things, this experience was perfect for me and gave me a taste of the real job possibilities out in the world for someone like me. At first it was hard for me to envision myself in a workplace environment as I loved both the research and artistic aspect of my double-major degree in Visual Arts and the School for Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities (SASAH). This opportunity gave me the perfect experience to do something I loved like researching artworks, building exhibits, and interacting with my community. This internship also gave me the opportunity to begin networking in the art community with Sonya, my supervisor, a reference for my future endeavours. My ability to adapt to circumstances while working towards my best, with a guiding hand from my coworkers, is the greatest skill I have developed during this internship. I also gained community outreach experience and developed my research and presentation skills as well as learned to contribute in a work environment. My internship is a testament to the value gained from a work-integrated-learning experience. – Carina Pagotto

As a lover of film, I couldn’t ask much more of my first internship: my experience at the Forest City Film Festival was an excellent way to apply the skills I’ve learned in SASAH and MIT to something real, and more importantly, something about which I really cared. Will Sharpe