Experiential Learning Presentations

Students participate in a Learning from Experience event at the end of the fall or winter term of their fourth year by giving a short presentation that offers a cogent synopsis of the student’s Experiential Learning (EL) experiences and fielding a few questions from an audience of peers, supervisors, and guests.

Accompanied by a visual program, using PowerPoint or equivalent program, that gives evidence of the context(s) of the project(s) and the respective stages and components, presentations will include:

  • a discussion of the goals and outcomes of the project(s);
  • a discussion of the creative and working relationships with project partners and sponsors;
  • evidence of tangible results of the project and related data;
  • other information that is relevant and useful to the audience’s understanding of the project(s).

In presenting on their EL experiences, students develop abilities and skills that are adaptable to postgraduate academic and work environments, such as analyzing the positives and negatives of one’s experiences and one’s performance in the workplace, articulating and teaching others about their experiences in an engaging and succinct way, designing an impactful and effective presentation, and speaking in public.

Each student’s presentation, along with their script or a summary of their talk, will be posted on SASAH’s page on the Scholarship@Western website, which “facilitates knowledge sharing and promotes open access to the academic and professional achievements of members of the Western community.”