Experiential Learning Course Assignments

The Experiential Learning (EL) curriculum emphasizes the need for students to reflect on and teach others about their projects or placements.

Students typically write a few short reflection papers as their projects or placements are ongoing and a summative report when the project concludes. At the end of the fall and winter terms, students give ten-minute presentations about their projects or placements and then write a final report in which they wrap up their experiences.

The assignments are designed to encourage students to . . .

  • to analyze and evaluate their experiences,
  • to learn about themselves and about types of careers that may be open to them,
  • to think about their skills and how they applied them,
  • and to consider if they would want to pursue what they did in their placement/project as a career.

 Course Syllabi:

Community Engaged Learning (CEL) Projects

Independent Research or Creative Projects