Frequently Asked Questions

Why is participating in an Experiential Learning (EL) opportunity desirable?

EL is invaluable for giving students the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world environments and to professionalize and gain work experience. As well, EL experiences show SASAH students that they are building knowledge and learning valuable and valued skills that can be adapted to many different working environments.

How many EL credits do I need to fulfill my SASAH program requirements?

Students must complete one 1.0 credit EL placement or project or two 0.5 credit placements or projects.

When should I complete my EL credit(s)?

Students typically participate in an internship or a community-engaged learning (CEL) project or develop an independent project in their third and/or fourth year or in the summer between third and fourth year. However, if a great EL opportunity presents itself when the student is in second year, the student is welcome to talk to the SASAH Director or the EL Coordinator, who will consider whether it can be counted for credit.

What types of EL opportunities are available?

EL opportunities are available in many areas, from arts and not-for-profit organizations to publishing houses to the tech and corporate sectors. Our current partner organizations include:

  • The Walrus Magazine (Toronto)
  • Stratford Festival (Stratford)
  • The Grand Theatre (London)
  • Raise the Roof (Toronto)
  • Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF - Toronto)
  • Satellite Project Space (London)
  • Museum London (London)
  • Woodland Cemetery (London)

Types of EL opportunities include:

  • Communications and social media
  • Curatorial assistance
  • Editing & writing (e.g. proposal writing)
  • Educational programming
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Event coordination
  • Fundraising
  • Gallery and museum tours
  • Marketing
  • Office administration
  • Program administration
  • Project management
  • Public relations
  • Research & analysis
  • Social service delivery
  • Survey design and analysis
  • Technical writing
  • Video production
  • Web design

How do I find an EL placement or project?

Students have three options:

  • they can apply for summer internships that may be offered through our partners (as with a job application, acceptance is not guaranteed),
  • they can apply to be assigned to a fall and/or winter CEL through the Student Success Centre (4th-year only),
  • or they can find their own summer-, fall-, or winter-term internship or CEL or develop and submit a formal proposal for an independent research or creative project.

Will I get paid during an internship?

Some positions are compensated; however, this varies according to the specific internship/partner agreement involved. Such details are given in the position’s posting.

Why are there assignments attached to an EL opportunity?

The EL curriculum emphasizes the need for students to reflect on and teach others about their projects or placements.

The assignments are designed to encourage students to . . .

  • to analyze and evaluate their experiences,
  • to learn about themselves and about types of careers that may be open to them,
  • to think about their skills and how they applied them,
  • and to consider if they would want to pursue what they did in their placement/project as a career.

They also help students to develop soft skills—like critical analysis, communication, and public speaking—that are highly desirable in the workplace.

Whom do I contact to learn more about SASAH’s Experiential Learning requirement?

Contact Dr. Barbara Bruce at for more information.