Fourth Year
SASAH and Film Studies Double Major
Grimsby, Ontario

Western Undergraduate Film Society (WUFS) President, Gazette, AHSC, Western Undergraduate Film Festival

Why did you choose Arts and Humanities at Western?

I choose Arts and Humanities because SASAH was an incredible opportunity. I knew I was going to be studying film no matter what, it was just a matter of refining what that other program was going to be.

Erik at TIFF

What is one highlight of your Arts and Humanities experience so far?

A highlight was my fourth-year SASAH class with Lainey Lui. The discussions that came out of that class were endlessly fascinating, sometimes very contentious, but always rewarding. And I've also enjoyed all of my film classes — I can’t pick a favourite. My internship at the Toronto International Film Festival was something else! When I was younger, a grade school project of mine about TIFF made it to a provincial competition; I’ve always been fascinated with TIFF, and it was a surreal experience actually working for them.

What are your plans after graduation?

A part of me wants to get that “feature film” made. I would be very excited to go back into the TIFF offices, if they were to offer me another position. I also want to travel, see the world, and learn about different cultures while I'm young and able to do so.

Erik Reading

What advice would you give to incoming Arts and Humanities students?

Whatever your passions are, academically speaking or in extracurriculars, listen to that voice. That is more important than any excuses you may make not to pursue your passions. Also, budget your time, a lot of university is about dedicating yourself to your studies.

What is the best thing about your program/department?

In SASAH, the fostering of healthy fascinating discussions and the faculty members themselves are great. Through SASAH I've had the opportunity to learn from a bunch of really interesting people, both students and professors. In Film Studies, we are such a close-knit family studying under experts in the field. It's also nice to be in a room full of people that have the same passions that you do. Walking into class and having in-depth discussions about the obscure horror movies you're watching or what really is the best Kubrick film doesn’t get old.

Whatever your passions are academically speaking, or in extracurriculars, listen to that voice.

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