Fourth Year
Linguistics and Spanish
London, Ontario

Community Service Learning, Arts and Humanities Soph Team

Why did you choose Arts and Humanities at Western?

I first visited the faculty in grade 11 as part of the French for the Future program. I saw how involved the faculty was with their students, which spiked my interest in studying here. I made my decision to join the Modern Languages Department, and later Linguistics, based on the small class sizes, the diversity of language courses, and the ability to study Spanish from multiple angles: literature, culture, and linguistics. Plus, the scholarships are great.

What is one highlight of your Arts and Humanities experience so far?

Visiting Cuba as part of my Spanish language course was one of the best experiences in A&H.

We got to meet Cuban university students, get involved with the local community, visit the beautiful beaches, and enjoy Cuban food and music—all for course credit!

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan on attending grad school for linguistics next year, with the goal of eventually getting my doctorate.

What advice would you give to incoming Arts and Humanities students?


Take advantage of all the international experiences that Western and Modern Languages has to offer! Many courses, like Spanish 1030 and 2200, include an international aspect. Some courses take place entirely abroad, and Western is paired with great schools where you can go on exchange. Participate in everything that you can!

What is the best thing about your program/department?

The professors in Linguistics are all great and work really hard to work directly with their students. The program is large enough that you can find professors with a huge range of interests but small enough that they will know your name, strengths, and areas you'd like to work on.

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