January 2017

Associate Dean Newsletter - January 2017


Tracy Isaacs, Associate Dean (Academic)
Faculty of Arts & Humanities 

Dear Arts and Humanities students,

Welcome back and happy new year to you all! I hope everyone is rested and ready to go after a fabulous break with loads of time for friends and family. A time out from academics is always a good thing. Winter term is challenging because apart from the usual stressors related to academic life, the cold and grey weather can sometimes get us down. Please keep that in mind and reach out for help if and when you need to.

This issue of my newsletter will cover the following items:

1. Important Dates
2. Intent to Register
3. SSD Accommodation
4. Artwork in Counselling 
5. Events
6. Student Donation Fund applications—message from the AH Students’ Council
7. Resources for students struggling with mental or physical health

1. Important Dates

• January 5th – Classes resume
• January 13th – Last day to add a second-term half course or a second-term full course
• January 22nd – Last day to receive applications for graduation: In Absentia February Convocation
• January 31st – Last day to apply for relief against a final grade in first-term course
• March 7th – Last day to drop a winter term half course without academic penalty
• April 7th – Last day of winter term classes

2. Intent to Register – February - March

If you are planning to return in September, you must complete your Intent to Register online through the Student Center. By completing your ITR online, you are letting Western know that you are returning, and the program that you plan to take next year. If you do not do this, you will not be able to register for courses. You can find more information about Intent to Register on our website: http://www.uwo.ca/arts/counselling/registration/intent_to_register/index.html

You can also find information and a guide to ITR on the registrar’s website: http://registrar.uwo.ca/general-information/how_to_guides/intent_to_register_planning_guide.html

Please note that during Intent to Register there will be departmental information sessions so that you may have assistance with your module choice – stay tuned for that information in our February newsletter.

3. SSD Accommodation

Academic accommodation consists of arrangements that allow a student with a disability a fair opportunity to engage in academic activities and fulfill essential course and program requirements. Accommodation does not remove essential requirements of a course or program. It does not fundamentally alter content of exams, standards for assigning grades, or requirements that students independently demonstrate their knowledge of course material. Western students who are registered in a faculty on the main campus request accommodation by contacting Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) in the Student Development Centre, on the main campus.


4. Artwork in Counselling

We currently have some beautiful pieces on display which can be found on our website: http://www.uwo.ca/arts/counselling/about_us/office_art.html


Wednesday, January 11th - 9:30 -11:00

Careers & Coffee
Current students are invited to stop by The Wave, grab a coffee and engage in some casual career conversation with guest alumni networkers. This is the perfect place to ask questions and start making some connections! There is no cost to attend this complimentary event, and the coffee and treats are on us. 

Location: The Wave

Wednesday, January 11th – 11:00 – 2:00
Turn your Degree into a Career
What are you doing after graduation? Have you considered a Western Post-Degree Program? One year career focused programs with hands-on work placements that add valuable experience to your degree.

Location: UCC Atrium

Tuesday, January 17th - 12:30 – 1:20 
Network Success: How to Talk to Employers:
Don’t just go to the Career Fair – rock it! Learn how to introduce yourself to employers, ask relevant questions, follow up with employers, and more!

Location: UCC Council Chambers

Tuesday, January 17th – 5:30 – 8:30 ( UCC Rm 147A) and Friday January 27th 10:00 – 1:00 (UCC RM 210)
Safe Talk
This workshop aims to give participants strategies and skills to connect someone going through a mental health crisis to the appropriate resources and professionals.
Facilitated by a LivingWorks registered trainer, this three hour session will help teach members of the community to be “suicide-alert helpers.”
No prior training around mental health is required.


Location: UCC Rm 147A and UCC Rm 210

Thursday, January 26th 11:00 – 4:00
hireWesternu Job Fair

6. From the Arts and Humanities Students’ Council:

The Arts and Humanities Students’ Council (AHSC) Student Donation Fund grant application for second semester will be live on our website as of January 4th! The application is due January 16th.

For more information about what the Student Donation Fund grant is, as well as an example of the application check our website here: http://www.ahscwesternu.com/student-donation-fund

To access the application on January 4th, check our website here: http://www.ahscwesternu.com/applications

If you have any questions please email mperruz2@uwo.ca.

7. Resources for students having difficulties

Across campus we have various activities and resources to assist students. If you feel overwhelmed or stressed, please reach out to someone and be aware of the resources available to you.

Student Development Centre: http://www.sdc.uwo.ca/

SDC has many resources, from individual counselling to learning skills. They are located in Western Student Services Bldg (WSS), Room 4100 and their hours are 8:30 – 4:00.

Learning Skills Services: https://www.uwo.ca/sdc/learning/index.html

Learning Skills Services offers valuable resources to help students with challenges including exam preparation and time management. They also host ongoing workshops to improve writing and learning. To find out more about what’s being offered and to sign up, visit their website: https://studentservices.uwo.ca/secure/workshops/learningWorkshops.cfm

Wellness Education Centre: http://se.uwo.ca/wec.html

The Wellness Education Centre (in the basement of the UCC) is a safe environment where you can discuss the various resources available on campus.
Wellness events can be found here: http://www.events.westernu.ca/events/wellness/?dateType=start_date&startDate=11/1/2016&endDate=11/30/2016

Student Wellness Guide: http://westerncalendar.uwo.ca/pdfs/mhwrg.pdf

Mental Health and Wellness Resources: http://www.uwo.ca/health/mental_wellbeing/resources.html

I wish you all the best for much success this term. Arts and Humanities at Western has a lot to offer and I know that I am not alone in thinking that you, our students, are among our greatest assets. Thanks for being so fantastic and I look forward to celebrating your many successes through the winter term!

Yours sincerely,

Tracy Isaacs, Associate Dean (Academic), Faculty of Arts and Humanities