Associate Dean Newsletter

Associate Dean Newsletter - December 2018

tracyTracy Isaacs, Associate Dean (Academic)
Faculty of Arts & Humanities  

Dear Arts and Humanities Students,

  I think that every issue of the newsletter I say something along the lines of, “I can’t believe it’s already [insert month here]!” This month feels that way again. What’s great about December is that even though things ramp up for a bit, they also then slow right down for the holidays. Take a few minutes to read the newsletter and make a note of important dates as well as what’s available to you for health and wellness on campus during the stressful time of end of classes and December exams.

 I know the holiday season means different things to different people, but one thing most people I know (of whatever faith or none) can get behind is the charm of holiday lights and the allure of good food and social events. Enjoy the lights, the festive meals and parties, and (if you’re lucky) the warm glow of a wood-burning fire on a snowy night.

 In this month’s edition of the Associate Dean’s Newsletter, I’ll be covering:

  1. Important Dates
  2. December Exams - What to Know
  3. If you're struggling
  4. Health and Wellness
  5. Art in the Counselling Office
  6. Events

1. Important Dates

December 7: Fall classes end
December 8/9: Study Days  
December 10-21: Exam period       
December 21: Fall term ends
December 22 – January 6th: Vacation
January 7: Winter term begins


You can find a more comprehensive list of important dates in the academic calendar on the Western website:

2. December Exams 

The December exam period will soon be upon us and many of you will be writing either mid-term exams and/or finals during this time. Here are some important pieces of information to keep in mind:

  • If you happen to fall ill on the day of an exam or during an exam, please see a physician ASAP and get the proper medical documentation filled out (download the UWO Student Medical Certificate on the Arts and Humanities website ( For any other situations that result in missing an exam (or missing an assignment deadline) please drop by the Academic Counselling Office ( UC 2230) first. ALWAYS involve the academic counsellors when seeking accommodation. Please do not deal with your professors directly when it comes to accommodation issues -- let the professionals handle it, namely the Academic Counsellors for the Faculty. If you fail to submit the documentation in a timely manner, you may be denied accommodation. Please visit for more information pertaining to exams and accommodations.
  • Remember that sleeping in, misreading the exam timetable, or not being able to find your exam room are not legitimate reasons for missing exams. It’s a good idea to make sure you have a back-up alarm, that you've double checked the time of your exam, and if you’ve never visited the location where your exam is being held, go check it out ahead of time.  You can find more information about Western’s exam policies and the most up-to-date exam schedule on the registrar’s website:
  • Please note there are study spaces available for student use in UC.

By the way, for medical accommodations, you must use the Student Medical Certificate that can be found at the following link:

3. If You're Struggling

Should you run into any difficulties whatsoever during the course of your studies, please don't hesitate to communicate with your instructors if it involves a single course. If the difficulties affect more than one course, or you feel that they are too personal in nature, then please stop by the Academic Counselling Office in University College room 2230 to see one of our academic counsellors, Amanda Green and Ben Hakala. Anything you relate to our counsellors is done so in private and any dealings with course instructors, or any other individual, is done in complete confidentiality. There are stringent privacy laws in this province and we adhere to them. Counsellors are also able to direct you to the appropriate support services if you require counselling that goes beyond academic counselling.

You do not need an appointment to see a counsellor. Just check in with Carrie at the reception desk when you arrive. We have drop-in office hours Monday through Thursday from 9:30-noon and 1-4, and on Fridays from 9:30-noon.

4. Wellness at Western

Please take advantage of the Wellness resources on campus. There are many events and workshops that can greatly benefit your mental and physical health. For more information see:

5. Art in the Counselling Office

We are currently looking for students who wish to showcase their artwork in the Counselling office. You will be featured in our monthly newsletter and get an opportunity to display your work in our office.

If you are interested please contact

6. Upcoming Events of Interest

There are always lots of things going on at Western and in Arts and Humanities. You’ll see posters that tell you about different things that are happening, but you can also get the information online.

Follow @westernuArts on Twitter to stay up to date with all of the activities going on in our faculty!

To see what’s happening soon in Arts and Humanities, you can go to the Arts and Humanities Events page:

To see what’s happening all over campus, check out the Western Events Calendar:


From all of us in Academic Counselling, happy December to you and yours!


Tracy Isaacs, Associate Dean (Academic), Arts and Humanities