Associate Dean Newsletter

October, 2019

Jan Plug

Jan Plug, Acting Associate Dean (Academic)
Faculty of Arts & Humanities  

Dear Arts and Humanities Students, 

With the semester well underway, I hope that you have all settled into a good routine that includes staying on top of your course work, assignments, and so forth, but also taking time to explore the many other opportunities that the university and London have to offer. This month’s newsletter is meant to help you plan for the busy weeks ahead and to keep you informed of important dates, all in the interest of helping you keep on top of things.  Even—especially!—when things get busy, don’t forget to take time for yourselves: you’ll feel better and your school work will also benefit in the end.  And don’t forget that we’re here to help in the Academic Counselling office should you run into academic problems, have questions about your programme, are looking for information about internships, or have other questions or concerns.  If there’s something we can’t help you with ourselves, we’ll know how to direct you to the necessary resources.

  In this month’s edition of the Associate Dean’s Newsletter:

      1. Important Dates
      2. A note from your Academic Counsellors
      3. Missed classes
      4. If you're struggling
      5. Grades
      6. Scholarships
      7. Academic Counselling Student Appreciation event
      8. News from the AHSC
      9. Events


1. Important Dates 

  • October 1 - Last day for students on exchange or a letter of permission to submit transcripts for graduation at Autumn Convocation
  • November 12: Last day to drop a first-term half course or a first-term full course without academic penalty
  • November 30: Last day to drop a full course and full-year half course [on campus day and evening and Distance Studies] without academic penalty
  • Fall Reading Week: November 4-10.

You can find a more comprehensive list of important dates in the academic calendar on the Western website:

2. A note from your Academic Counsellors

It is hard to believe that September has flown by so quickly. We sincerely hope that you enjoyed it and that you are settling into your school routine. Don’t forget to take advantage of the many resources available to you on campus. If you find you are struggling and feeling overwhelmed with your studies, talk to someone and let them know.

Midterms are fast approaching and it is a stressful time, but if you take good care of yourself and ensure that you are in an organized routine with school it can be much better. October is the month for flus and colds, so make sure you are getting rest and staying as active you can while ensuring you’re getting proper nutrition. Take advantage of campus recreation to burn some stress and don’t’ forget about the many programs offered by SDC to assist you. Learning Development and Student Success has many free programs, counselling and events offered to help you through your learning obstacles.

Remember that we are here to assist you with your Academic needs and can guide you to the right areas for other needs.

As always, if you feel your mental health is suffering, reach out to someone. You are not alone. Our Campus Services are here to assist –

 What we can assist with:

  • Academic advice, course selection
  • Course changes, withdrawals, special permissions
  • Progression requirements and mandatory withdrawal
  • Requests for academic accommodation for major illnesses, compassionate issues or other problems that would affect your attendance and performance in courses
  • Requests for special examinations or extensions for term-work
  • Appeal procedures/interpretation of Senate regulations
  • Graduation issues


For full information about our services and procedures, please take a look at our website:

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or to pop by during or office hours.

 We look forward to seeing you soon!

Ben, Amanda & Carrie

  3. Missed Classes, Tests, Assignments, Exams, etc.

If a situation arises in which you miss a significant amount of classes, or any assignment, test, exam, etc., you should seek official accommodation. Usually students are not excused from any course responsibility without a professionally documented reason, i.e., illness, death in the family, legal commitment, etc. Any request for accommodation must come through the Faculty counselling office in University College room 2230. If you have to miss an exam, assignment, etc., due to illness, you should see a doctor right away, both to be treated and to document the illness. For documentation, don't wait too long since some doctors will not issue notes to excuse you from an exam if you aren't exhibiting any symptoms of the illness that caused your absence. In turn, you must submit your documentation to your academic counsellor no later than two business days after the date specified for resuming responsibilities.

By the way, for medical accommodations, you must use the Student Medical Certificate that can be found at the following link:


4. If You're Struggling

Should you run into any difficulties whatsoever during the course of your studies, please don't hesitate to communicate with your instructors if it involves a single course. If the difficulties affect more than one course, or you feel that they are too personal in nature, then please stop by the Academic Counselling Office in University College room 2230 to see one of our academic counsellors, Amanda Green and Ben Hakala. Anything you relate to our counsellors is done so in private and any dealings with course instructors, or any other individual, is done in complete confidentiality. There are stringent privacy laws in this province and we adhere to them. Counsellors are also able to direct you to the appropriate support services if you require counselling that goes beyond academic counselling.

You do not need an appointment to see a counsellor. Just check in with Carrie at the reception desk when you arrive. We have drop-in office hours Monday through Thursday from 9:30-noon and 1-4, and on Fridays from 9:30-noon.

Please check our website for any changes to drop-in hours

 5. Grades

If you are uncertain why you received the grade you received on a piece of work or for a course, you may ask your professor for an explanation. If her/his explanation doesn’t satisfy you, then you have every right to appeal to the undergraduate chair of the department offering the course. This is your education and you have a right to an explanation of how you were evaluated in a course. Ultimately, you have the right to submit a formal appeal if you do not believe that your work has been assessed fairly.

The appeal process is spelled out in the University Senate regulations and is a confidential process. Ordinarily, the instructor is not involved in the appeals process.

 6. Scholarships for Arts and Humanities Students

To see a full list of scholarships

7. Arts and Humanities Academic Counselling - Student Appreciation Halloween "Trick or Treat"

Please join us for a Student Appreciation "Trick or Treat" in the hallway outside of Academic Counselling (UC 2230) on Thursday, October 31st between 1 -3.PM. Join us for some coffee and halloween goodies.  Extra points if you're wearing a costume!

8. News from the AHSC

About Us

The Arts and Humanities Students’ Council is comprised of individuals who are passionate about the A&H faculty and enhancing the experience of its students. We’re here to support you, advocate for you, provide you with resources and professional opportunities, and offer you amazing programming to have fun and meet others in the community. Connect with us to find out about all of the exciting things going on this year!


Office: University College 2135 (open Mon-Friday, 9:30am-4:30pm)

Facebook: Arts and Humanities Students’ Council (UWO)

Instagram: @ahscwesternu




Symposium & Semicolon Call for Submissions

The AHSC Publications Team is proud to announce that submissions are now open for Symposium, our creative journal, and Semicolon, our academic journal. The theme for the Fall 2019 issue of Symposium is Obscura – give us stories about the unknown, the unknowable, the monster in your periphery. Send in your submissions to by Friday, October 25th! We look forward to analyzing your essays, reading your creative works, and being blown away by your art!


Student Donation Fund Grant 

Keep an eye out for our fall term Student Donation Fund (SDF) Grant applications! The SDF grant is an opportunity that occurs once per semester for A&H students to receive funding for their events or initiatives. Applications are open on October 7th, due October 21st, 2019, and can be found on the AHSC website at Students interested in this opportunity are encouraged to follow the AHSC’s social media to stay updated on all SDF-related deadlines.


No Exit: Play Auditions & Applications 

No Exit, an existentialist French play written by Jean-Paul Sartre and directed by Lela Burt, is AHSC’s play for this year. Auditions will be held October 4th and 5th; you can find more information on our Facebook - send in your audition forms now! Follow our social media for details on crew applications to be released soon.

9.Upcoming Events of Interest

There are always lots of things going on at Western and in Arts and Humanities. You’ll see posters that tell you about different things that are happening, but you can also get the information online.

Follow @westernuArts on Twitter to stay up to date with all of the activities going on in our faculty!

To see what’s happening soon in Arts and Humanities, you can go to the Arts and Humanities Events page:

To see what’s happening all over campus, check out the Western Events Calendar:

I wish you all a productive month,

Jan Plug