November 2017

Associate Dean Newsletter - November 2017


Tracy Isaacs, Associate Dean (Academic)
Faculty of Arts & Humanities 

Dear Arts and Humanities Students,

I don’t know about you but I can’t believe it’s already November. We’re past the halfway point in the term and you’ve probably noticed already that time has begun to speed up. Those deadlines that seemed so far in the future have snuck up on us. It’s the time of year when your organizational skills are tested as much as your knowledge of course material.

Because of the added pressures of the home stretch leading into our December break, I encourage you all to make sure you do the little things – get enough sleep, take time out for fresh air and exercise, eat good food regularly, and make sure to schedule in some fun with friends. A little bit of alone time can also go a long way, whether it’s reading for pleasure, enjoying your favourite hobby, or sitting in silent meditation.

In this month’s edition of the Associate Dean’s Newsletter, I’ll be covering:

  1. Congratulations to Undergraduate Awards recipients!
  2. Important Dates
  3. Scholarship Application Deadlines Extended
  4. Artwork in Academic Counselling
  5. Fall Preview Day Volunteers (co-curricular opportunity)
  6. Events

1. Congratulations to Undergraduate Awards Recipients!

Arts and Humanities fared well yet again in Dublin’s Undergraduate Awards. As the Awards website explains: “The Undergraduate Awards is the world’s largest academic awards programme. It is uniquely pan-discipline, identifying leading creative thinkers through their undergraduate coursework. The Undergraduate Awards provides top performing students with the support, network and opportunities they require to raise their profiles and further their career paths, as well as coming to Dublin for an all-expenses-paid trip to receive their medal.” This year, seven Arts and Humanities students were in the “Highly Commended” category, meaning that they finished in the top 10% of their subject category. With over 5000 submissions from undergraduate students at 250 universities covering 39 countries, landing in the “Highly Commended” category is a remarkable academic achievement.

Warmest congratulations to our students whose papers were selected as “Highly Commended” this year: Andrea Holstein (Visual Arts, History, Classics); Michelle Bunton (Studio Arts, English); Jasmeen Siddiqui (Creative Writing and English Language and Literature, SASAH); Alessia Mastrorillo (Women’s Studies); Levi Hord (Sexuality Studies; SASAH); Jacqueline Grassi (Art History & Criticism); Rebecca Meharchand (Women’s Studies, English)

2. Important Dates

Please pay special attention to the deadlines for withdrawing from courses without academic penalty (November 13 for first term half courses; November 30 for full courses and full year half courses).

November 1 Last day that students registered in 'W' accelerated language courses may transfer to the equivalent full-year course with the permission of their Faculty. Last day to receive official transcripts for courses taken on Letters of Permission during the academic year 2016-17 and the Spring/Summer Terms of 2017.
November 3 Last day to add a first-term second quarter ('R') course.
November 10 Last day to drop a first-term second quarter ('R') course without academic penalty.
November 13 Last day to drop a first-term half course or a first-term full course
(2017-18 Fall/Winter Term) without academic penalty.
November 30 Last day to drop a full course and full-year half course [on campus day and evening and Distance Studies] without academic penalty.
December 8 Fall/Winter Term classes end.
December 9 Study Day.
December 10-21 Mid-year examination period.

You can find a more comprehensive list of important dates in the academic calendar on the Western website:

3. Scholarship Application Deadlines Extended

Did you know that there is $1.4 million in entrance and continuing scholarship money available every year to Arts and Humanities students? Sometimes we can’t award a particular scholarship for the simple reason that no one applies. You might be eligible for some of that funding. Please note that the deadline for the following three Arts & Humanities Scholarships has been extended to November 15th, 2017: The Arts & Humanities Student Council Award, The Rogers Family Award in Arts, and The Parents Fund Award In The Faculty of Arts and Humanities. It would be a great idea to apply if you meet the requirements. Please submit any applications to the A&H Academic Counselling Office in IGA 1N20. If you have any questions regarding these scholarships, please contact the Academic Counselling Office in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. The eligibility and application details are as follows:

Arts and Humanities Student Council Award
Awarded annually to a full-time student in second, third, or fourth year in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, who has achieved a minimum 80% average in the previous year of study, and has contributed to the growth and development of the Arts and Humanities community through extra-curricular involvement and/or philanthropic work. A one-page statement outlining the candidate's extra-curricular involvement must be submitted to the Academic Counselling office in IGA 1N20 by November 15th. The scholarship and awards committee in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities will select the recipient. This award was established by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Student Council through student levy donations. Value: 1 at $1,000 Effective: 2010-2011 to 2019-2020 academic years inclusive.

Rogers Family Award In Arts
Available to full-time students registered in the third year of study in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at The University of Western Ontario based on academic achievement in Year 2. Preference will be given to students who have demonstrated the greatest increase in their annual academic average between the first year of university study and completion of the second year of university. Candidates must also demonstrate an aptitude for creative and innovative thought, exceptional achievement in extracurricular activities and commitment to active citizenship. Application forms can be obtained from the A&H Academic Counselling office in IGA 1N20 and should be submitted to the same office by November 15th. A university selection committee will choose academically-qualified recipients based on the application and essay submission. Established through the generosity of Ted and Loretta Rogers and Family. Value: 2 at $2,500.

The Parents Fund Award In The Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Awarded annually to a student in second, third or fourth year in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities who has achieved at least a 75% average while demonstrating leadership in the community and participating in extra-curricular activities. Application forms can be obtained from the A&H Academic Counselling office in IGA 1N20 and should be submitted to the same office by November 15th. The recipient will be chosen by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities scholarship committee. Established in 1997 through the generosity of Western Parents. Value: 1 at $750. Effective: 2016-2017 academic year.

4. Artwork in Academic Counselling

Throughout the fall/winter, the Academic Counselling Office displays artwork by students from the Department of Visual Arts.  To learn more about the artists and their artwork, visit

From mid-October till mid-November, we have the following art pieces on display:

Ashley Beerdat - Untitled (30" x 40")







Ashley Beerdat’s Untitled (30" x 40")


Jessica Yee - Imperfectly Perfect (4' x 4') 








Jessica Ye’s Imperfectly Perfect (4’ x 4’)








5. Fall Preview Day Student Volunteers (Co-curricular Opportunity)

Enthusiastic about studying in the Arts and Humanities?  Want to share your student experiences with prospective Western students? Volunteer  for Western's Fall Preview Day on Sunday, November 12!  Speak to your department about how you can join the day's excitement.  Be sure to sign-up as well for this co-curricular record opportunity via

6. Events

To find out about the latest news and events in Arts and Humanities, go to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities website:

To find out what’s happening on campus, check out Western’s events page:

All the best for a great November!

Tracy Isaacs, Associate Dean (Academic), Arts & Humanities