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Success Beyond a ‘Meet and Greet’

This year the Arts and Humanities Students’ Council launched the first ever Alumni and Student Interview Program. Our goal in pairing students with alumni volunteers was to provide an engagement opportunity that went beyond a “meet and greet.” Students were paired with alumni volunteers to learn about their experiences at Western, challenges, and path to careers.

Western’s A&H students showed immense interest in this program, as it provided students with the chance to ease their minds about the unpredictability of the next few years and create connections with professionals. We are very proud of the diverse group of alumni volunteers who participated in this program, and we are grateful that they were willing to share their story with the Western community.

We have hopes of continuing this program in years to come, so that we may continue creating a stronger bond between the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and its respected alumni. If you are interested in volunteering for the Alumni and Student Interview Program for this upcoming year, please let us know at 

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