Program Modules

Refer to the Academic calendar for the modular degree structure. The modular degree structure afford the opportunity to combine various subjects from different Departments and Faculties.

Honors Specializations

The Honors Specialization module is for students who have a strong interest in Applied Mathematics, and who are considering entering graduate studies in Applied Mathematics. Students may also be considering entrance into other disciplines as well, and the Honors Specialization is excellent preparation for all areas of study at the graduate level.


The Specialization module is a non-honors module for students who have a strong interest in Applied Mathematics.


The Major module is for both honors and non-honors degrees that should be combined with another module:


If you wish to study math as part of your general education or as a complement to your training in another discipline or professional program, the Applied Mathematics minor would be a good fit for you. (teachers college - are these teachable minors?)

Sessional Dates

Sessional dates can be found here.