2019-20 Full Year Courses

NOTE: The following course descriptions are for ease of student use and the official course descriptions including any and all requisites are found in the academic calendar.

Applied Mathematics Courses

 pdf icon AM 1413: Applied Mathematics for Engineers I

The calculus of functions of one and more variables with emphasis on applications in Engineering. This course is a suitable prerequisite for any course which lists Calculus 1000A/B plus Calculus 1501A/B.
  • Antirequisite(s): Calculus 1000A/B, 1100A/B, 1301A/B, 1500A/B, 1501A/B, Mathematics 1225A/B.
  • Prerequisite(s): One or more of Ontario Secondary School MHF4U, MCV4U, or Mathematics 0110A/B.
  • Extra Information: 3 lecture hours, 1 tutorial hour, 1.0 course. For students in Engineering only.

pdf icon AM 4999Z: Project

The student will work on a project under faculty supervision. The project may involve an extension, or more detailed coverage, of material presented in other courses. Credit for the course will involve a written as well as oral presentation.
  • Prerequisite(s): Registration in the fourth year of a program in Applied Mathematics.
  • Extra Information: 0.5 course.

Calculus Courses

There are no full year calculus courses.