Counselling & Help Centre

"Counselling" is advice about course selection, module selection, eligibility for modules/programs, how to deal with academic difficulties, etc.

Please read carefully to determine what type of counselling do you need:

Health and Wellness Counselling

Western provides several health-related services on campus that to help students achieve optimum health:

Student Health Services:

Student Health Services is an appointment-based medical clinic for all registered part-time and full-time students at Western. Services include:

  • •   Medical care
  • •   Counselling and psychiatry, etc.

Mental Health Counselling:

Mental Health Counselling is available on campus through:

  • •   Student Development Centre (SDC)
  • •   Student Health Services (SHS)

Active Minds Western - Student Club for Mental Health

Active Minds’ mission is to reduce the stigma that surrounds mental illness and to create an open environment for the discussion of mental health issues. 


I Need Help Now

Faculty of Science Academic Counselling

The Academic Counselling Team in North Campus Building Rm 280 is a team of dedicated and experienced academic counsellors/advisors that help Science students during their academic careers.

Reasons for seeing FoS Academic Counsellor/Advisor:

  • •  Struggling with university adjustment
  • •  Advising about the impact of course selection and academic performance on eligibility for modules and degrees
  • •  Accommodation for missed course work
  • •  Requests for increased or irregular course loads
  • •  Advising transfer students
  • •  Requests for Letter of Permission (taking courses at another university)
  • •  Change of Status, including withdrawal from Western or transferring from another faculty
  • •  General questions

Helpful links on the FoS Team's website:

Department of Applied Mathematics Academic Counselling

Applied Mathematics Academic Counsellors/Advisors are available to answer queries about courses and modules offered by the Department of Applied Mathematics onlyThe full list of courses offered is available here.

To reach AM please send an email to :  apmaths-counsel@uwo.caExpect the response time from 3 business days to 1 week (during heavy load times).

Reasons for seeing AM  Counsellor/Advisor:

  • •  General questions about courses and modules offered by the AM department
  • •  Taking a course offered by the AM department:
    •     •  Without the prerequisite
    •     •  Despite a timetable conflict
    •     •  Despite the course being full

Special requirement for courses taken elsewhere in lieu of Western University prerequisite courses

  If you want to use a course that was NOT taken at Western as a prerequisite for an AM course you must provide:

  • •  Detailed course outline which clearly specifies topics covered, textbook used
  • •  A weblink to the course outline at the University where the course was administered

The Applied Mathematics Department leadership has chosen to limit some senior-undergraduate course offerings for the 2020-21 academic year. Neither AM 3911F/G nor AM 4617A/B will be delivered. Fortunately, courses that have not been offered recently -- such as  AM 3615A/B and AM 4817A/B -- will be offered. 

Students who had been interested in AM 3911F/G may wish to take PHYS 3962F (the Dept of Physics & Astronomy is willing to consider requests for special permission for those lacking any prerequisites).

Students who had been interested in AM 4617A/B may wish to consider AM 4264B which addresses computational problems in neuroscience.

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Centre - Western Univeristy 

More Information

Virtual PAL

(closed during Reading Week and Exam periods)

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Academic Support & Engagement

Academic Support and Engagement supports students academic, personal, and professional growth. When students participate in our programming and receive support from our team, they discover and develop their strengths, establish their academic identity, engage in leadership and learning opportunities, and build the confidence and competence they need to thrive.