Scientific Computing

Scientific Computing is the study of algorithms and their implementations for computations involving mathematical symbols as well as numbers. 

Our Scientific Computing Group has contributed to the development of Maple, a commercial software package used for symbolic computation (distributed by Maplesoft). Our researchers are working to develop Maple's ability to solve difficult problems encountered in industrial mathematics.  This group has also contributed to LAMMPS, an open-source molecular dynamics simulator.

Our department is a co-sponsor of the Ontario Research Centre for Computer Algebra. ORCCA  also has projects aimed at making symbolic computation easier, most notably through work on MathML and on mathematical handwriting recognition.

Graduate students interested in Scientific Computing may wish to formally emphasize this interest in their degree program by participating in the Graduate Program in Scientific Computing offered at Western

Representative Publications

  • Hydrodynamic forces implemented into LAMMPS through a lattice-Boltzmann fluid
    F.E. Mackay, S.T.T. Ollila, and C. Denniston
    Computer Physics Communications 184, 2021 (2013).