Collaborative Programs

Collaborative Specialization in Hazards, Risks and Resilience

The Collaborative Specialization in Hazards, Risks, and Resilience is a multidisciplinary enrichment program designed for current graduate students (MSc/MESc/MA or PhD) who wish to become specialists in the field of natural hazards and risks, and who wish to gain an appreciation of the interdisciplinary nature of disaster risk reduction problems and solutions. The student earns a degree in the home department plus credit for participation in the collaborative specialization. Currently, the participating departments are Civil & Environmental EngineeringEarth SciencesGeography and Statistical & Actuarial Sciences.

Collaborative Specialization in Scientific Computing

A Collaborative Specialization is an intra-university graduate field of study that provides an additional multidisciplinary experience for students enrolled in and completing the degree requirements for one of a number of approved Master’s and/or PhD programs. Students meet the admission requirements of, and register in, the participating (or “home”) program but complete, in addition to the degree requirements of that program, the additional requirements specified by the Collaborative Specialization. The degree conferred is that of the home program, and the completion of the Collaborative Specialization is indicated by a transcript notation indicating the additional specialization that has been attained (e.g., PhD in Applied Mathematics with specialization in Scientific Computing).