Animal Care and Veterinary Services

Animal Use Protocol Review

The following is the Animal Use Protocol (AUP) Review process at Western University and its affiliates.

A completed electronic AUP, Annual Protocol Renewal or Protocol Modification form, authorized by the Principal Investigator (PI) or Designate, must be submitted to the AUS Office via the eSirius protocol management website.

The AUS Administrative Office will assess form content and determine one of the following review workflows:

Full Review

Full reviews comprise of most AUPs, as well as any Annual Protocol Renewals and Protocol Modifications that are deemed ethically-sensitive by reviewers of the lower review tiers. Full Review takes place once a month at the AUS Monthly Meetings, where the AUP is reviewed by the AUS at large. Once returned from committee, questions are sent back to the PI by the AUS office and the answers are reviewed for completion and satisfaction by a select number of AUS members. From first submission to final approval, this process takes two months, minimum.

Designated Review

Designated Reviews comprise of most Annual Protocol Renewals and most Protocol Modifications involving a change of procedure for the animal. These are sent weekly to the designated reviews - often the chair/vice-chair, a community representative and a vet - who have a week to review the documents. Questions are forwarded to the PI and are reviewed by a vet and the AUS office staff for satisfactory completion. This process takes a minimum of two weeks from submission to approval.

Office Reviews

Office reviews comprise of Protocol Modifications that either do not affect the animal directly (personnel changes, funding, etc) or modifications that lessen the invasiveness or stress on the animal models. These reviews are performed by the AUS office and a vet and take between one business day and one week to complete.