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Former Lab Members


Danielle Johnston

Family leave

Meghan Jelen, MSc (2016)

UBC, PhD candidate

Katanya Alaga, MSc (2016)

Michigan, Research

Dr. John Kelly (2015)

Research Associate

Michael Stewart, PhD(2015)


Dr. Tao Huang (2014)

Professor in China

Shreya Podder (2014)

Continuing student

Amy Berger, MSc (2014)


Jake Ableser, MSc (2014)

Medical Affairs Associate with Medicure Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Silvia Penuela (2014)

Principal Investigator, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Western Ontario

Ruchi Bhalla, PhD (2011)  

College Lecturer        

Jared Churko, PhD (2011)

Post Doctoral Fellow at Stanford School of Medicine

Pasqualie Vecchio, MSc (2011)


Jack Lee, MSc (2011)

Research Assistant

Robert Lorentz, MSc (2011)


Steve Celetti, MSc (2009)


Katharine Toth, MSc (2009)

Dental School

Janet Manias, MSc (2007)


Liz McLachlan, PhD (2007)

Research Scientisit for Health Canada

Jessica Riley, MSc (2006)

Workshop Coordinator at Canada South Science City

Amy Maher, MSc (2005)

Ph.D. (McMaster University)

Jamie Simek, MSc (2005)


Tamsin Thomas, PhD (2005)


Jessica Kalra, MSc (2004)

Editorial Review Board Member at Journal of Solid Tumours and Faculty at Langara Research BC Cancer Agency 

Tyler Christie, MSc (2004)

Medical Doctor

Hong Qin , PhD (2003)

Senior Scientist at MD Anderson Cancer Center

XiaoWei Wang, MSc (2003)


Greg Veitch, MSc (2002)


Heather Curtis, MSc (1999)

Medical Doctor

Karen Jordan, PhD (2001)

Research Associate; Thunder Bay, Canada

Paulina Fistouris, MSc (1999)


Michael Sia, MSc (1997)

Medical Doctor

Rochelle Chodock, MSc (1996)

Medical Doctor

Terry Woodward, PhD (1996)

Biotech investment agent

Paul Feldman, MSc (1996)

Medical Doctor