Mahmud Sam

Program: MMASc in Global Health Systems in Africa Candidate

I recently completed my Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences from Western University, where I learned extensively about the broader determinants that produce prevailing inequalities in health. I came to understand how micro and macro forces intersect to produce these health inequalities. I have sought after an increased exposure to and appreciation of the impact of these broader determinants beyond the classroom; these include my participation in a global health research initiative at the Noguchi Memorial Medical Institute of Research in Ghana, that focused on the prevalence and probable causes of buruli ulcers in rural communities. In addition, I have been in attendance at a number of health conferences including the Global Health Innovation Conference at Yale University, where I learned about obstacles healthcare professionals face in the delivery of healthcare particularly in rural areas.

My ambition to pursue the Master of Management in Applied Sciences (MMASc) in Global Health Systems in Africa comes from my desire to further investigate and enhance my understanding of global health issues. I am particularly interested in the activities of philanthropists, agencies and organizations in navigating through African healthcare systems. In addition, I believe the MMASc program provides a unique opportunity to develop skillset in the areas of organization, leadership and communication. I look forward to acquiring these skills and expertise needed to provide, advocate for and provide sustainable solutions to the healthcare needs of individuals locally and globally. I believe my involvement with this program will provide me with an improved creativity and unparalleled learning experience relating to the health sector.