Ethel Barnes

Picture of Ethel Barnes
Program: MMASc in Global Health Systems Candidate

Ethel Barnes completed her undergraduate degree at Western University with an Honors Specialization in Health Sciences in 2017. She discovered her passion for Global Health in her first year of university. In Social Determinants of Health, Ethel became aware of the social factors that could impact one's health. She decided to further explore this avenue through volunteer work and employment. Ethel aimed to uncover how social factors could affect one's health beyond Canadian borders. In the summer of 2016, she participated in an outreach project with the Volunteer Corps Organization in the small village of Frankadua, Ghana where she educated mothers and children on malaria prevention, effective hand washing techniques, and the importance of maintaining a nutritious diet. This opportunity taught Ethel how to collaborate with the populace in promoting community education, cultural awareness, and outreach practices. In 2017, she worked as a Surgical Counsellor at Ophthalmic Consultant Centers which provided clinical experience. Ethel's areas of interests include health promotion, health policy, health inequality and, infectious diseases. As a Ghanaian- Canadian, Ethel hopes to be an advocate for developing nations affected by destitute healthcare systems. As a young adult, she hopes to be an advocate for the youth to encourage participation in global health professions. Ethel welcomes the challenge of serving communities and participating in a dynamic field.