Akuah Frempong

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Program: MMASc in Global Health Systems Candidate

Akuah Frempong is a Master of Management of Applied Science (MMASc) candidate, specializing in Global Health Systems in Africa at Western University. She recently completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) also from Western University where she had the tremendous opportunity to partake in a Global health Practicum in Rwanda. Through this endeavour she was able to explore and immerse herself in a global health system in Africa, as she completed her clinical placement on a paediatric unit at a regional hospital. In addition to this experience, Akuah was involved in various extra-curriculars both inside and outside of the Western University community that allowed her to engage and converse with individuals from various backgrounds, abilities, and cultures. Some of the notable activities Akuah was involved in include: the Early Outreach Conference, the Western-Fanshawe Nursing Students’ Association, Ally Western, and Orientation Week. These experiences taught Akuah the importance of interprofessional collaboration and communication, and the importance of intersectionality. Perhaps the largest influence on Akuah’s career journey has come from her involvement in the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) where she has served as President of the Nursing Students of Ontario, which is RNAO’s largest interest group that represents all nursing students across Ontario. Still involved in the RNAO, now in a different capacity, Akuah has discovered her passion for public policy, particularly in the areas of mental and women’s health, health equity, human rights, and vulnerable populations. More importantly, she hopes to explore and how all of these realms are interconnected with the distribution of wealth and the social determinants of health. Akuah hopes to be able to enact public policy on a global scale to help reduce health inequities and makes global health systems more intersectional to provide client-centered care.