Reshele Perera

Image of Reshele Perera
Program: MMASc in Global Health Systems Candidate

Why were you interested in beng a part of the Collaborative or MMASc in GHS-A program?

My initial interest in this program was actually spurred after reading an article (Domination and Destitution in an Unjust World) by Ryoa Chung, a philosopher at the University of Montreal. This article explained globalization among countries as an important, obligatory social co-operation. The deterioration of health systems was proposed as a result of the lack of this obligatory social co-operation, and based on my experiences, I couldn't agree more. This lead me to look for opportunities where I could potentially aid in increasing co-operation among countries - this programs transdisciplinary and "systems thinking" approach will allow me to do just that!

What are you passionate about in global health systems?

In global health systems, I am passionate about maintaining the health of marine environments. I have always believed that water represents life because of how much it provides and how essential it is for us, and deteriorating marine environments is an aspect of global health systems that I hope to help fix.