Georgina Mends-Paintsil

Image of Georgina Mends-Paintsil
Program: MMASc in Global Health Systems Candidate

Why were you interested in beng a part of the Collaborative or MMASc in GHS-A program?

I have been working as a registered nurse in Canada for 7years. I got my BSN from St Louis, MO, USA. I also have BSc in Biology from Ghana; where I originally come from. I have lived in England, USA and Canada – living in all these countries and experiencing the varying degree of efficiency in the different healthcare systems and also getting the opportunity to work as a nurse has made me appreciate the importance of access to quality healthcare.

What are you passionate about in global health systems?

I come from a large family and have 4 children of my own and therefore family is at the very core of everything I do. My goal is to be a part of global initiatives that fight for the health and wellbeing of children and families in vulnerable communities. I believe this program will equip me with the necessary skill set to venture into advocacy of children and families in vulnerable populations. I also enjoy travelling with my family, exploring different cultures and visiting museums.