Sevan Boudakian

Image of Sevan Boudakian
Program: Master's in Management of Applied Sciences (MMASc) in Global Health Systems in Africa

Internship Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Partner Organization: Africa Mental Health Foundation

Internship Project: Studying the changes in self-stigma, anxiety and depression, and academic performance before and after psychoeducational intervention in primary school children in Kenya

Sevan is pursuing her Master’s in Management of Applied Science, specializing in Global Health Systems in Africa. She received her Bachelor of Science, in Biology and Medical Sciences, from Western University in 2015. While studying global health systems, Sevan has expressed interest in mental health and well-being, gender equality, and education. Originally from Toronto, she’s been living in London for the past five years and has been an active member of both communities. She loves to spend time with family and friends, and enjoys Netflix binging, shopping, and eating. Sevan’s passion for academia has always motivated her; she plans to continue on with her studies after receiving her Master's.