Olivia Petersons

Image of Olivia Petersons
Program: Master's in Management of Applied Sciences (MMASc) in Global Health Systems in Africa

Internship Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Partner Organization: Africa Mental Health Foundation

Internship Project: Studying the prevalence of mental health disorders in children from rural and urban Kenya and their levels of self-stigma

Olivia completed an Honors Specialization in Biology at Western in 2015. Currently, she is pursuing her Master's in Management of Applied Science specializing in Global Health Systems in Africa. Her interests include wildlife conservation, maternal and child health, and mental health. Outside of her degree, Olivia enjoys hot yoga, reality TV, and board games, but ultimately her ideal day would consist of spending time with friends and family. In the future, Olivia hopes to bridge her passion for academia with her aptitude for building personal connections through the pursuit of a medical career.