Lucia Hussey

Image of Lucia Hussey
Program: Ph.D. Candidate - Department of Geography & Collaborative Program in Global Health Systems in Africa

Internship Location:Greater Accra Region, Ghana

Partner Organization: Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems Lab, University of Ghana

Internship Project: Multicriteria Evaluation Approach to Climate Change-Infectious Disease Linkages in Ghana

Lucia is interested in the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Multicriteria Evaluation (MCE) methods. She is interested in using these methods as innovative tools to aid decision making/support in order to develop optimum solutions to issues affecting societies especially within developing countries such as Ghana. With this backdrop, her current research focuses on using multicriteria evaluation analysis to prioritize climate sensitive infectious diseases with the greatest likelihood of climate change impacts in Ghana for policy attention. Based on their cumulative threat and burdens to health systems and human populations in order to identify those of national relevance. This research further assesses public health adaptations and preparedness to deal with potential feedbacks and challenges from climate change induced infectious diseases.