Adele Richardson

Image of Adele Richardson
Program: Master's in Management of Applied Sciences (MMASc) in Global Health Systems in Africa

Internship Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Partner Organization: Africa Mental Health Foundation

Internship Project: Studying the relationship between mental health treatment adherence and occupational activity resumption, as well as understanding barriers to obtaining treatment in rural and urban settings

Adèle completed her Honors Specialization in Biology at Western University and is finishing her Master’s of Management of Applied Sciences degree with a specialization in Global Health Systems in Africa. She is interested in sustainability, international development, and the systems approach to solving global health issues. In the future, she hopes to pursue further research and apply her global health systems background and organizational skills to collaborate with international partners in project development and implementation. Aside from academia, her interests include: traveling, learning languages, cooking, gardening, painting, anything cat-related, and meditating. This summer, Adèle is working with the Africa Mental Health Foundation in Nairobi, Kenya as a Research Assistant.