Dr. Randa Farah

Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology

Office: SSC 3423A
Telephone: 519-661-2111 x 85088
Fax: 519 -661-2157
e-mail: rfarah2@uwo.ca
External Website: http://anthropology.uwo.ca/faculty/farah/index.asp

Regions of Focus: North and West Africa
Research Interests / Specializations: History/memory and identity, National and other resistance movements, Collective mobilization in the context of exile and displacement, Refugees and refugee camps, Nations and nationalisms, Humanitarian aid

Working with refugees of the Western Sahara living in camps in the Algerian desert, Dr. Randa Farah is seeking to understand the effects of prolonged displacement on Sahrawi society. The Western Sahara region is known as the last African colony; at the UN it is listed as a self-governing territory.

As an anthropologist, Farah’s research provides insight on sociocultural transformations in the context of prolonged displacement; how refugees cope in adverse situations, the relationship between the humanitarian regime and refugees and changes in generational and gender relationships consequent. The impact of Farah’s involvement is to better comprehend the processes involved in establishing states – in-exile and nation building.

Some areas of her focus include issues of national mobilization and the struggle for self-determination in the context of prolonged displacement, and memory/identity in refugee camps. Currently Farah is an Associate Professor of Anthropology teaching relatable courses Cultures of the Middle East (includes North Africa), Refugees and the Displaced, and Risky Passages and Restrictive Borders: Refugees and the Contemporary Challenges.