Dr. Isaac Luginaah

Isaac LuginaahProfessor, Department of Geography, Canada Research Chair, Health Geography

Office: Social Science Center (SSC) 1409
Phone: 519-661-2111 x 86944
Fax: 519-661-3750
Email: iluginaa@uwo.ca
Dr. Isaac Luginaah is a Professor of Geography at Western University. Dr. Luginaah has been a member of the Advisory Committee for the Africa Institute at Western since (2014). Among others, in 2008, he was recognized by the Canadian Association of Geographers with the Julian M. Szeicz Award for Early Career Achievement. In 2014, Dr. Luginaah was inducted into The Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars. His broad areas of research interests include: environment and health, population health and GIS applications in health. Dr. Luginaah`s work involves an integrative understanding of the broad determinants of the population health and the evidence of environment and health linkages. He is specifically interested in the human health impacts of environmental exposure, and his recent work in this area involves examining the links between ambient air quality and health in Southwestern Ontario. He is also involved in HIV/AIDS research in Africa, specifically Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria. At Western, Dr. Luginaah is also actively involved with experiential learning programs such as Western Heads East. His Environment, Health and Hazards Lab, has a number of students similarly studying a wide range of research topics. He mentors students both in the Environment and Sustainability and Migration and Ethnic Relations Collaborative Graduate Programs.

Selected Publications
  • Kangmennaang, J., R. Bezner Kerr, E. Lupafya, L. Dakishoni, M. Katundu, I. Luginaah (2017). Impact of a participatory agroecological development project on household wealth and food security in Malawi. Food Security, 9(3): 561-576.
  • Kuuire, V.Z., Kangmennaang, J., Atuoye, K.N., Vercillo, S., Boamah, S., Antabe, R., Amoyaw, J. A., & Luginaah, I. (2017). Timing and utilization of antenatal care services in Nigeria and Malawi. Global Public Health. 12(6): 711-727.
  • Armah, F. A., Luginaah, I., Hambati, H., Chuenpagdee, R., & Campbell, G. (2015). Assessing barriers to adaptation to climate change in coastal Tanzania: Does where you live matter?. Population and Environment, 37(2): 231-263.