Dr. Greg Moran

Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Associate Member of Africa Institute

Telephone: 647-458-5281
Email: gmoran2@uwo.ca

Dr. Moran is a Professor Emeritus of Psychology, specializing in the field of Developmental Psychology. Dr. Moran’s research throughout most of his career has involved an investigation of basic mechanisms of early social and emotional development with a focus on the impact of the earliest social experiences. Primarily early infant social interaction and its impact on later social, emotional and cognitive development.

Dr. Moran has recently become more involved in conducting research on programs of support for families in marginalized, urban communities in Nairobi using an intervention model that combines support in the areas of health, nutrition, and caregiver-infant interaction.

His most recent work involves implementation research focused on adapting current knowledge within a practical support/intervention model that is shaped by the cultural, economic and community circumstances of urban, mixed, marginalized communities in Nairobi.
This work is transdisciplinary, involving an integration of knowledge and application from both the fields of psychology and the medical sciences.

Greg Moran is also Vice Chair of Academics Without Borders, an organization that supports projects aimed at building the capacity of universities in low-income countries around the world.

Selected Publications

  • Moran, B., Kumsta, R., Fearon, P., Moser, D., Skeen, S., Cooper, P., Murray, L., Moran, G. and Tomlinson, M. (in press). Efficacy Varies by Genotype for a Home-Visiting Maternal-Infant Intervention. PLOS Medicine.
  • Hawkins, E., Madigan, S. and Moran, G. (2015). Mediating and moderating processes underlying the association between maternal cognition and infant attachment. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 39, 24-33.
  • Morley, T. E. and Moran, G. (2011). Cognitive Vulnerabilities in Early Childhood: Mechanisms Linking Early Attachment to Later Depression. Clinical Psychology Review, 31, 1071-1082. 
  • Madigan, S., Moran, G., Schuengel, C. and Pederson, D.R. (2007). The Maternal State of Mind, Disrupted Maternal Behavior and Disorganized Attachment in Infancy, and Toddler Behavior Problems. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 48, 1042-1050.