Dr. Arlene MacDougall

Arlene MacDougallAssistant Professor, Departments of Psychiatry and Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry

Office: Parkwood Institute Mental Health Care Building,
Parkwood Institute Mental Health Care Building
550 Wellington Road, F5 - 322
London, ON N6C 0A7
Phone: 519-646-6100 x 47240
Fax number: 5194555090
Email: amacd82@uwo.ca
Websites: www.createkenya.com and www.globalminds.uwo.ca

Dr. MacDougall is the Director of Global MINDS @ Western, an Interdisciplinary Development Initiative focused on the development of knowledge, skills, and supports for students and faculty to tackle one of the world’s most pressing and wicked problems: the global burden of mental disorders. At Global MINDS, transdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder approaches are utilized to catalyze the development, implementation, evaluation, and mobilization of disruptive and sustainable solutions that reduce the burden of mental disorders and related issues in low-resource settings such as East Africa and marginalized communities within Canada.

Global MINDS is focused on the development of disruptive solutions using social innovation approaches – solutions that can be sustained and scaled. Understanding and responding to the factors and conditions that support or block scaling efforts will critical to Global MINDS educational and research activities.

Dr. MacDougall is currently leading a multi-institutional collaboration based in Kenya involving the Africa Mental Health Foundation and several Canadian university partners known as Community Recovery Achieved Through Entrepreneurism (CREATE) (www.createkenya.com). CREATE is a promising new paradigm for promoting and supporting recovery from serious mental illness in low-income settings that involves the development of a work integrated social enterprise coupled with a low-cost Psychosocial Rehabilitation Toolkit.

Current Course Offerings

Global MINDS currently offers two educational opportunities for students:

  • The Graduate Seminar Course (GHS9014B) on “Global Mental Health System Innovation” through the professional course-based Masters of Management of Applied Sciences (MMASc) Program and the Collaborative Degree research thesis-based programs in Global Health Systems in Africa (GHS-A). Faculty from a variety of disciplines challenges students to engage in social innovation to address complex global mental health challenges. Student teams work alongside faculty mentors and a local community partner to collectively define the challenge that the organization is facing, and develop and pitch an innovative solution and relevant measurement and scaling strategies.
  • The Summer Institute brings together a selected group of Western University and African inter-disciplinary students and faculty face-to-face each summer alternating between London, Ontario, and a low and middle-income country setting. The Institute uses a social innovation lab approach to develop specific responses to the complex challenge of the global burden of mental disorders.

    The first Summer Institute (2017) will be held in Kenya, with its cohort of students focused on developing solutions for the East Africa context. The second Summer Institute (2018) will be held in London and will be focused on incubating innovative solutions for marginalized and disadvantaged populations here in Canada (e.g., Indigenous peoples, immigrants, and refugees).