Directory of Faculty Members

Isola Ajiferuke

Associate Professor - Faculty of Information and Media Studies

Andrea Allen

Lecturer - Department of Women's Studies and Feminist Research

Eric Arts

Professor & Chair, Microbiology & Immunology

Godwin Arku

Associate Professor - Department of Geography

Yolanda Babenko-Mould

Associate Professor - Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences

Neil Banerjee

Associate Professor - Department of Earth Sciences

Paul Beamish

Professor, General Management & International Business

Kul Bhatia

Professor Emeritus - Economics

Nandi Bhatia

Professor - Department of English Studies

David Floyd Cechetto

Professor and Director of Rebuilding Health in Rwanda - Schulich Medicine & Dentistry

Henri Boyi

Professor - Department of French Studies, Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Ian Colquhoun

Assistant Professor - Anthropology

Tim Conley

Professor - Department of Economics

Julia Emberley

Professor - Department of English Studies

Randa Farah

Associate Professor - Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Social Science

Jim Freedman

Professor Emeritus, Department of Anthropology, Centre for Transitional Justice and Post-Conflict Reconstruction

Amanda Grzyb

Associate Professor - Faculty of Information and Media Studies

Nicole Haggerty

Associate Professor, Information Systems

Erin Hannah

Associate Professor and Chair - Department of Political Science, King's College University

Sharareh Hekmat

Professor - Undergraduate Coordinator (FST Modules, Specializations and Minor in FNS (non-dietetic) and the shared modules of Food Management (with MOS) and Nutrition and Families (with Family Studies), School of Food and Nutritional Sciences

Melanie Katsivo

Adjunct Research Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine - Schulich Medicine and Dentistry

Cynthia Kenyon

Associate Professor - MD, FRCPC, Neonatologist - Schulich Medicine and Dentistry

Mickey Kerr

Associate Professor - Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing

Allyson Larkin

Assistant Professor - Social Justice and Peace Studies, King's College University

Clark Leith

Professor Emeritus, Economics

Jun Li

Professor - Faculty of Education

Isaac Luginaah

Professor, Canada Research Chair Health Geography

Arlene MacDougall

Director of Research and Innovation for Mental Health Care at St. Joseph’s Health Care London and Lawson Health Research Institute

Janet Martin

Associate Professor - Department of Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine, Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Katherine McKenna

Associate Professor of History (Joint Appointment with Women's Studies)

Julie McMullin

Vice-Provost International, Professor Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Science

Kibret Mequanint

Professor - Faculty of Engineering (Chemical & Biochemical Engineering)

Greg Moran

Professor Emeritus - Developmental Psychology

Immaculate Namukasa

Associate Professor - Faculty of Education

Elysée Nouvet

Assistant Professor, School of Health Studies

Valerie Oosterveld

Associate Dean (Research and Graduate Studies)

Carole Orchard

Associate Professor

Joanna Quinn

Associate Professor, Political Science and Director, Centre for Transitional Justice and Post-Conflict Reconstruction

Melanie Randall

Professor - Faculty of Law

Gregor Reid

Professor of Surgery and Microbiology & Immunology - Schulich Medicine & Dentistry

Maya Shatzmiller

Professor - Department of History

Laurel Shire

Associate Professor - Department of History

David Spence

M.D, FRCPC - Robarts Research

Saverio Stranges

Professor & Chair Epidemiology & Biostatistics - Schulich Medicine & Dentistry

Thomas Tieku

Associate Professor - Department of Political Science, King's College University

Charles Trick

Professor - Department of Biology, and Masters of Public Health Program

Jacob Van Dyk

Adjunct Research Professor - Physics & Astronomy

Andrew Walsh

Associate Professor - Department of Anthropology

Seravanne Woodward

Associate Professor - Department of French Studies

Ernest Kwesi Yanful

Professor - Civil and Environmental Engineering