Conversations with Africa

Conversations with Africa is a two-way dialogue between students at Western and students studying on the African continent meant to share ideas, engage with valuable initiatives and meet challenges. Students write about a key issue or topic based on their expertise, research or experiences with Africa. Students should submit their blog posts to with the subject line “CWA18” and members of the Africa Institute Graduate Committee will review and publish them online. The Africa Institute Advisory Committee will then judge the winners of the Blog Competition.

Blog Post Ideas

Pick your context:

  • Urban places (capital and secondary cities)
  • Rural communities
  • Conflict zones (e.g. CAR, South Sudan, Somalia)
  • Post-conflict zones (e.g. Sierra Leone, Angola)
  • Donor darlings (e.g. Ghana, Rwanda, Kenya)
  • Landlocked places
  • Refugee camps
  • Authoritarian regimes (e.g. Zimbabwe)
  • Good goverenance (e.g. Botswana)

Pick an issue:

  • HIV
  • Non communicable diseases
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Food systems and Malnutrition
  • Clean water and Sanitation
  • Vaccines and Health care systems
  • Education
  • Gender equality and social justice
  • Migration
  • Transportation and infrastructure
  • Mining, oil and gas

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