Ubuntu Management Education Initiative


"Ubuntu" stands for a spirit of interconnectedness, humanness and mutuality. The meaning centers around "I am what I am because of who we are". 

The initative was launched in 2012. It is an International development effort by Ivey students and faculty to build capacity for quality case-based business education at partner business schools in Africa. This goal is accomplished through the use of workshops and collaborative learning between Ivey and African business students. Ivey partners work with African universities to develop case-based materials, learning opportunities and faculty development to support goals for the academic institutions. Ivey students also get to gain knowledge about business in Africa while collaborating with African business students through case-based teaching and learning. The African Business Schools that Ivey have worked in include Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Ghana.

Getting Involved

Ivey Course and Field Trip

Ivey Business School offers the elective course International Business Environment Studies: Service Learning in Africa, with a unique structure that combines both a credit course and international service learning field trip. The course offers students the opportunity to earn about the economic, political, technological and social context for business and entrepreneurship with Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Ghana.

The goals of the course include:

  • Advance Ivey students’ education about the African business context and state of business education along with mastery of business fundamentals.
  • Develop Africa student skills in business analysis, judgment and communication skills through case based education to supplement their lecture based learning.
  • Capacity building for case based education at African Business Schools which can contribute as a solution to human capital development that has lagged across much of sub-Saharan Africa.

African Students

African students can be invovled in the program in two ways: as participants in their home country with the Business Decisison Making with Cases course or through a group of 3 students that participate in an exchange term at Ivey.

Business Decision Making with Cases

This collaborative program provides students at local Africa business schools the opportunity to learn through the case method. The case method focuses on a description of a problem faced by a real person where students use their management education to come to their own conclusions of what actions should be taken.

Exchange Program for African Students

Three awards are given to African students to attend Ivey Business School between January and April of each year. Further information for the exchange process are provided by Ivey student instructors in each country in May.

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