Checking Your Stats

This form is used to obtain a summary of the number of accesses to a particular group of pages stored on the central UWO Web server. The summary includes information from the current (partial) month and the previous 11 months and is summarized from the (large) Access Statistics for the UWO Web Server.


Include a list of the files accessed

Most Common Use

  • To retrieve an access summary for a particular unit, enter a string that is unique to the unit's URL. For example, To generate a summary for the Zoology department (at, enter: /zoo/.
  • Warning: include enough of the URL to ensure that it is unique. The slashes help with this. The part of the URL is not considered in the search, and should not be included.

Advanced Use

  • For a more precise selection, include more of the URL. For example,
    To generate a summary of the Biochemistry faculty pages (at you could use the string /biochem/fac/. It would summarize only the files in Biochemistry's faculty sub-directory.
  • To match just the first page of an area (eg. /biochem/) but not the sub-pages, include a $ at the end: /biochem/$.
  • To ensure that you have only the top level page (i.e. to get just /research/ but not /nursing/research/) include a <space> character (a blank) at the beginning of the selection string: /research/$
  • For the technically inclined, the selection can include any valid regular expression as defined by the unix command egrep(1).

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