Relocation of a Phone

Western's phone system allows the relocation of a phone between physical locations on campus with WTS assitance.  

You may contact the Helpdesk to have a technician come on-site to complete the move.  A minimum one-hour Time and Materials charge will apply.  The final cost may be higher depending on the specific requirements of the move.

Please notify WTS using the web form after the phone has been relocated. 

To move a phone to a new location, complete the following steps:

  • check for a wall-jack (network connection) in the new location
  • Disconnect the phone cable at the wall of the existing location
  • Plug in the phone cable in the new location
  • NOTE: if the phone is connected to the network port through a computer, the order of the connection is important.  Please see the document located at for additional information.

If the change is successful, after a short delay, the phone will reset, display the correct extension information and present a dial tone.

Upon successful self-move of a phone, please complete this form to report the new location information for the purposes of accurate billing information.

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