VMWare Requirements Checklist

Fields marked with a * are required.

1) Description

Is this server for testing purposes only?

2) Operating System

What Operating System will the application require*?

3) Who will be the system Administrator for this server?

A trained System Administrator must be designated for each virtual server.  The System Administrator is responsible for the day-to-day management of the server including, but not limited to OS and application patching, and monitoring logs.  If you do not have someone who can assume this role, WTS can provide this service.  Please refer to Section 8(b) Hosted Server System Administration of our Services document.

Who will be the System Administrator for this server*?


4) Applications

Note: Some applications may require review by Central Information Security Office (CISO) and / or Network Operations Centre, and may require additional resources.

5) Data

Will there be any data stored on this server*?

If yes, please answer the remaining questions in this section.

Data is classified as public, sensitive, or confidental.  Please refer to the following Information Security page for further details of these data classifications.

What is the nature of the data?
Will this involve a database?
If yes, what type of database?

6) Costs & Resource Allocation

We offer two versions of slices (small and large).  In both cases, an additional disk can be purchased for an additional charge as explained in the WTS Services Document.

Please specify CPU and memory requirements and WTS will contact re pricing
CPU / Memory 1 GB / 1 CPU 2 GB / 2 CPU
Disk (does not include OS) 10 GB 50 GB
Please specify if more disk is required

Additional resources can be acquired if warranted.

7) Access

Do you require access to this server from off campus (i.e. public IP address)*?

8) Server Name

What is the suggested name for the server*? (Note: Name availability not guaranteed.)


VM Setup Default Assumptions

  • Windows Operating System
    • Server will be joined to the UWO domain
    • Antivirus software will be installed
    • Host based firewall will be installed - default rules apply
    • Monitoring: If monitoring is needed please talk to WTS at completion of the server build
  • Linux Operating system
    • Default authentication is UWO LDAP.
    • Logs are sent to UWO central syslog server.
    • Access configuration with local administrator access
    • Default firewall rules applied (leave Nessus open)
    • Monitoring: If monitoring is needed please talk to WTS at completion of the server build

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