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Writing 2293G: The Yellow Brick Road:  Fantasy Fiction

This coursed is for students who wish to create their own fantasy short fictions, inspired and guided by their previous study of the field as literature.  Highly recommentded is the pairing of this second-term-course with first-term course English 2072F: Speculative Fiction:  Fastasy.

Writing 2294G: Hitting the Right Notes: Lyric Writing

This course introduces students to the basics of effective lyric writing in several genres using tools such as prosody, sensory images, repetition, fictional persona, and narrative forms. After analyzing the work of accomplished songwriters, students will workshop their own lyrics while building towards a thematically coherent final project.

Writing 2296F: Queer Writing

Looking at contemporary and historical literary expressions of queer identity, we will start by attempting to define what “queer writing” means.  Then, through discussion, experimentation with different writing styles, and workshops, we will explore meaningful ways to communicate "queerness" in our own writing.