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Writing 2293G: Sailing Fiction's Longer River:  Advanced Short Story Writing

A follow-up to Writing 2218F/G (the introductory course for short story writing), this course is for students who wish to pursue the art of short story writing to the next level, by stretching their fictive wings and producing longer fictions in different modes (perhaps touching on the novelette). Students considering this course should take Writing 2218F/G first in order to ensure they are adequately prepared.

Writing 2295G: Art of the Personal Essay

In his collection, The Art of the Personal Essay, Philip Lopate states that “the hallmark of the personal essay is its intimacy” and “the personal essay has an open form and a drive to candor and self-disclosure.” But the self-disclosure of a personal essay is not simply of the confessional kind – it aims to resonate with readers’ experiences of their own humanity.  We will explore the art of writing personal essays by reading and studying strong examples of this kind of creative non-fiction, reading articles and books about the craft of writing personal essays, writing our own personal essays, and reading and commenting (in writing and orally) on one another’s writing.

Writing 2297G: Crime Scene to Courtroom:  Introduction to Forensic Writing

From true crime stories to search warrants and wiretaps, this course introduces students to the meticulous process of documenting incidents of evidentiary or investigative importance that are likely to result in criminal prosecution, litigation, or public inquiry. An interdisciplinary approach to understanding the forensic continuum will allow students to learn the art of drafting public documents, for a variety of professions, capable of withstanding not only rhetorical attack, but also political and media scrutiny.