3200 - Level Advanced Writing Courses

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Writing 3220F/G

Outside The Envelope:  Advanced Professional Communication

Writing 3221F/G

Crime Scene to Courtroom:  Forensic Writing

Writing 3222F/G

Pathology to Pathography:  Advanced Healthcare Communication

Writing 3223F/G

Hot Type:
Technical Writing

Writing 3224F/G

Minding Your Ps and Qs:
Technical Editing

Winter Sections: 001

Writing 3225F/G My Name is url:
Writing for the Web

Fall Sections: 650
Winter Sections: 650

Writing 3226F/G

Figures of Speech:
Writing for Oral Presentation

Writing 3227F/G

Law Talk

Writing 3228F/G Concept to Product:

Writing 3229F/G

Self and The Rhetorical Triangle:
An Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

Writing 3901F

You're a Strange Animal: Writing Nature, Writing the Self

Nature is a slippery fish. In this course, we will use poetry, fiction and non-fiction to capture (and release) some of the fundamentals of nature writing. We will write about nature, in nature. Campus will be our classroom. We will spend about half of our time exploring natural (and not so natural) features of Western Campus: hissing geese, tree species, birds of prey, groundhogs, creepy-crawlies, green spaces, parking lots, taxidermized animals in the basement of Natural Science, the river, the food court, the football field. You will need the following: notepad, pen, sturdy footwear, a sense of adventure.

Writing 3902G

 Hitting the Right Notes: Lyric Writing

This course introduces students to the basics of effective song lyric writing in several forms/genres using tools such as prosody, sensory images, repetition, poetic devices, fictional persona, and narrative forms. After analyzing the work of accomplished songwriters, students will workshop their own lyrics while building towards a thematically coherent final project. No previous experience in music is required; fundamental/relevant musical concepts will be explained in class.

Writing 3300F/G

Internship in Writing: