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2200 - Level Advanced Writing Courses

Writing 2504A
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Course Title
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Writing 2202F/G

Winning Your Argument:
Rhetorical Strategy in a Visual Age

Winter Sections: 650

Writing 2203F/G

From Headline to Deadline:Writing for Publication

Fall Sections: 650
Winter Sections: 650, 651

Writing 2204F/G

Short Flicks:
An Introduction to Screenwriting

Fall Sections: 001

Writing 2208F/G

Teaching Writing

Writing 2209F/G

Visual Information Packaging:
Document Design 

Fall Sections:  650
Winter Sectoin: 650

Writing 2210F/G

GrammarPhobia Demystified:
Contemporary Grammar for Writers

Winter Sections: 001

Writing 2211F/G

The Naked Writer:
Fundamentals of Creative Writing

Fall Sections: 001, 650
Winter Sections: 650

Writing 2213F/G

Humor Writing

Fall Sections: 650
Winter Sections: 650

Writing 2214F/G

Memoir, Memories, and Disclosure:
Creative Non-Fiction

Fall Sections: 001
Winter Sections: 650

Writing 2215F/G

Encoding Persuasion:
Rhetorical Theory

Fall Sections:  650

Writing 2218F/G

To Make a Long Story Short:
Introduction to Writing Short Fiction

Fall Sections: 001

Writing 2219F/G

Word Travels:
Introduction to Travel Writing

Fall Sections: 001

Writing 2220F/G

Renewing Your Poetic License:
Introduction to Writing Poetry

Fall Sections: 001

Writing 2221F/G

Self and The Rhetorical Triangle:
An Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

Writing 2222F/G

Food Writing:

Winter Sections: 001

Writing 2223F/G

Fashion Writing: 
Elements of Style

Fall Sections: 001

Writing 2224F/G

Writing For the Big Screen:Introduction to Feature Film Writing

Winter Section: 001

Writing 2225F/G

The Inside Track: 
Sport Writing

Winter Section:  001

Writing 2226F/G

Out of the Book:
Contemporary Experimental Writing Practices

Winter Section: 001

Writing 2227F/G

Crime Writing:
Black Dahlias, Red Herrings and Tequila Sunrises

Winter Section: 001

Writing 2291F
All the World's a Stage:  Introduction to Playwriting
By writing one-act plays and critiquing the work of canonical dramatists in
a workshop environment, students will learn and employ the basic elements
of dramaturgical technique used by professional playwrights (sequential
analysis of dramatic action, dramatic objective, conflict, tactical versatility,
obstacle universe, intrusion, forwards, theatricality, shift in polar attitudes,
Writing 2504A
Write Now!  Writers Speak
Though a series of lectures by contemporary writers, Write Now! explores
theart, craft,andprocess of creative writing in a variety of genres. Course
topicsinclude inspiration, overcoming creative blocks, revision, social
media, publishing,literary citizenship, and the writing life.
Writing 2500B
TV or Not TV:  Writing for the Television Industry
This course teaches students how to write and subsequently pitch creative
projects that reflect the four television broadcast models: network, basic
cable, premium cable, and OTT. By exploring a variety of both scripted
and unscripted approaches, this course will also help prepare students
for careers in paid writing and production in the TV industry.