2200 - Level Advanced Writing Courses

Course Number

Course Title
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Writing 2202F/G

Winning Your Argument:
Rhetorical Strategy in a Visual Age

Winter Section: 650

Writing 2203F/G

From Headline to Deadline:Writing for Publication

Fall Section: 650
Winter Section: 650

Writing 2204F/G

Short Flicks:
An Introduction to Screenwriting

Fall Section: 001

Writing 2208F/G

Teaching Writing

Writing 2209F/G

Visual Information Packaging:
Document Design 

Fall Section:  650
Winter Section: 650

Writing 2210F/G

GrammarPhobia Demystified:
Contemporary Grammar for Writers

Winter Section: 001

Writing 2211F/G

The Naked Writer:
Fundamentals of Creative Writing

Fall Sections: 001, 650
Winter Section: 650

Writing 2213F/G

Humor Writing

Fall Section: 650
Winter Section: 650

Writing 2214F/G

Memoir, Memories, and Disclosure:
Creative Non-Fiction

Fall Section: 001

Writing 2215F/G

Encoding Persuasion:
Rhetorical Theory

Fall Section:  650

Writing 2218F/G

To Make a Long Story Short:
Introduction to Writing Short Fiction

Fall Section: 001

Writing 2219F/G

Word Travels:
Introduction to Travel Writing

Fall Section: 001

Writing 2220F/G

Renewing Your Poetic License:
Introduction to Writing Poetry

Fall Section: 001

Writing 2221F/G

Self and The Rhetorical Triangle:
An Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

Writing 2222F/G

Food Writing:

Winter Section: 001

Writing 2223F/G

Fashion Writing: 
Elements of Style

Fall Section: 001

Writing 2224F/G

Writing For the Big Screen:Introduction to Feature Film Writing

Winter Section: 001

Writing 2225F/G

The Inside Track: 
Sport Writing

Writing 2226F/G

Out of the Book:
Contemporary Experimental Writing Practices

Winter Section: 001

Writing 2227F/G

Crime Writing:
Black Dahlias, Red Herrings and Tequila Sunrises

Winter Section: 001

Writing 2520A
Write Now!  Writers Speak
Though a series of lectures by contemporary writers, Write Now! explores
theart, craft,andprocess of creative writing in a variety of genres. Course
topicsinclude inspiration, overcoming creative blocks, revision, social
media, publishing,literary citizenship, and the writing life.
Writing 2530B
TV or Not TV:  Writing for the Television Industry
This course teaches students how to write and subsequently pitch creative
projects that reflect the four television broadcast models: network, basic
cable, premium cable, and OTT. By exploring a variety of both scripted
and unscripted approaches, this course will also help prepare students
for careers in paid writing and production in the TV industry.