Course Outlines

fall/winter 2013-2014:

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The Major Forms of Oral Discourse

Speech 2001:001
Speech 2001:002
Speech 2001:003
Speech 2001:004
Speech 2001:005
Speech 2001:006
Speech 2001:007

Writing 1000F/G
writers' studio
Writing 1000F:001
Writing 1000F:002
Writing 1000F:003
Writing 1000G:001
Writing 1000G:002
Writing 1000G:003
Writing 1000G:004
Writing 1030F
writing for professional Sucess in Nursing
Writing 1030F:001
Writing 1030F:002
Writing 1030F:003
Writing 1030F:004
Writing 1030F:005
Writing 2101F/G
Introduction to Expository Writing
Writing 2101F:001
Writing 2101F:002
Writing 2101F:003
Writing 2101F:650
Writing 2101G:001
Writing 2101G:002
Writing 2101G:003
Writing 2101G:004
Writing 2101G:650
writing 2111F/G
Writing in the World:Introduction to Prfessional Writing
Writing 2111F:001
Writing 2111F:002
Writing 2111F:004
Writing 2111F:005
Writing 2111F:650
Writing 2111F:651
Writing 2111F:652
Writing 2111G:001
Writing 2111G:002
Writing 2111G:003
Writing 2111G:004
Writing 2111G:005
WrIting 2111G:650
Writing 2111G:651
writing 2121f/g
Text, Lies, and Digital Media:
Writing for MIT
Writing 2121F:001
Writing 2121F:002
Writing 2121F:003
Writing 2121F:004
Writing 2121F:005
Writing 2121F:006
Writing 2121G:001
Writing 2121G:002
Writing 2121G:003
Writing 2121G:004
Writing 2121G:005
Writing 2121G:006
writing 2131F/g
No Bones About It:
Writing for the Sciences
  Writing 2131G:001
writing 2202F/G
Winning Your Argument: advanced exposition, rhetoric, and persuasion
Writing 2202F:001 Writing 2202G:650
writing 2203f/g
From Headline to Deadline: Writing for Publication
Writing 2203F:001
Writing 2203G:001
Writing 2203G 650
writing 2204f/g
Short Flicks:
An Introduction to Screenwriting
Writing 2204F:001  
writing 2205f/g
Hot Type:
Technical Writing
Writing 2205F:001  

writing 2206f/g
Minding Your Ps and Qs:
Technical Editing

  Writing 2206G:001
writing 2207f/g
My Name is url:
Writing for the Web
Writing 2207F:650 Writing 2207G:650
writing 2209f/g
Visual Information Packaging:
Document Design
Writing 2209F:001  
writing 2210f/g
GrammarPhobia Demystified:
Contemporary Grammar for Writer
  Writing 2210G:001
writing 2211f/g
The Naked Writer:
Fundamentals of Creative Writing
Writing 2211F:001
Writing 2211G:001
Writing 2211G:650
writing 2212f/g
Figures of Speech:
Writing for oral Presentation
writing 2213f/g
Humour Writing
Writing 2213F:650 Writing 2213G:001

writing 2214f/g
Memoir, Memories, and Disclosure:
Creative Non-Fiction

Writing 2214F:001 Writing 2214G:650
writing 2215f/g
Encoding Persuasion:
Rhetorical Theory
writing 2216f/g
Law Talk
Writing 2216F:001  
writing 2217f/G
  Writing 2217G:001
writing 2218F/g
Creative Writing: The short story
Writing 2218F:001  
writing 2219f
Word Travels: Introduction to Travel Writing
  Writing 2219F:001
Writing 2220F/g Renewing Your Poetic License: Introduction to Writing Poetry
Writing 2220F:001  
Writing 2221F/g
Interpersonal communication
writing 2222f/g
Creative Writing: food Writing
Writing 2222F:001  
Writing 2223F/G
Fashion Writing: elements of style
Writing 2223F:001  
writing 2224f/g
Writing for the Big Screen: Introduction to Feature Film Writing
  Writing 2224G:001
writing 2225f/g
The Inside Track: Sport Writing
Writing 2225F:001  

writing 2291f/g
special topic: writing crime fiction

Writing 2291F:001  
Writing 2292f/G
Special topic: Advanced Professional Communication
  Writing 2292G:001
Writing 2294f/G
special topic: Formalism:Sonnets & Pantoums and Odes, Oh My!: Experiments with Poetic Forms
  Writing 2294G:001
writing 2295F/G
special topic:Out of the book: Creative Writing in The digital age
  Writing 2295G:001
writing 2296F/g
Queer Writing
  Writing 2296G:001
writing 2298F/G
special topic:Swaying the vote: An Introduction to Political Speech Writing
Writing 2298F:001  
writing 2299f/g
Re-visioning Self:
Creating Your Professional Portfolio
Writing 2299F:001

Writing 2299G:001
Writing 2299G:650