Recently Published Books From Our Faculty

gothic forensicsGothic Forensics: Criminal Investigative Procedure in Victorian Horror & Mystery is a watershed text in the criminal humanities by Michael Arntfield that offers alternate criminological readings and socio-legal analyses of iconic 19th century works by Poe, Doyle, Dickens, Hawthorne, and others. By examining novels such as Dracula and The Picture of Dorian Gray through the lens of contemporary criminalistics and modern-day forensic procedure, the book serves to establish literary criminology as a hybrid field of subject matter expertise and a new area of applied scholarship.   

criminal humanitiesThe Criminal Humanities: An Introduction is an anthology co-edited and co-authored by Michael Arntfield that proposes the humanities as a collective locus for the study of the criminal mind. The chapters represent an amalgam of groundbreaking essays authored by globally noted scholar-practitioners working in humanities disciplines such as literary studies, religious and cultural studies, film studies, the visual arts, and museum studies, among others. The anthology includes chapters authored by English and Writing Studies professors James Johnston and Sonia Halpern.

homicide case bookHomicide: A Forensic Psychology Casebook is an interdisciplinary anthology co-authored by a small cadre of international experts in the areas of criminology, offender psychology and profiling, and death inquiries. The chapter by Michael Arntfield on cold case invesigations in a digital age generally mirrors his work done with the members of his Cold Case Society at Western and includes an extended section on media stimulation strategies for dormant murder investigations, as well as case studies using both forensic psychogeography and suspectology as increasingly valuable investigative techniques.

healthcare writing bookHealthcare Writing: A Practical Guide to Professional Success is a book by Michael Arntfield and James Johnston that establishes an interdisciplinary set of best practices for in-patient, intra-agency, interpersonal, and scholarly writing among healthcare professionals. The book also includes an extended middle section on the medical humanities and digital applications of healthcare writing and health promotion such as cybermedicine, e-health, responsible medical blogging and social media communication, as well as pathography narrative.

Forensic Writing Introduction to Forensic Writing is a book by Michael Arntfield that establishes a standard system of prose for criminal justice professionals, investigators, reporters, business and communication decision makers, and anyone who may be required to author original works that can or will end up being presented as documentary evidence or scrutinized in the courts and media.

Murder CityMurder City is the much-anticipated true crime book by Michael Arntfield, told partly in an epistolary format through the original notes, photographs, and teletype transmissions of a late detective, which details the social history of London and SW Ontario during an unprecedented three decades of serial homicide - many of the cases still unsolved. Ahead of publication, the book has already been optioned for network television as a prime time drama, details forthocming.

 purpose pitchThe Purpose Pitch is a lauded collection of poems, many hilarious and some harrowing, by Kathryn Mockler. Drawing on a range of poetic styles and traditions, the collection cross-cuts between pop culture, contemporary politics, and the power of narrative to appeal to a wide variety of readers.

halpernThe Life & Times of Transistion Girl - Revised & Expanded, is an expanded collection of 28 new poems by Sonia Halpern which collectively confront the simultaneous joy and craziness of contemporary life and romance. 

criminologyCriminology: A Canadian Perspective, now in its eighth edition, is the definitive anthology of collected essays on crime in Canada by the nation's foremost interdisciplinary criminologists, including Michael Arntfield, whose capstone chapter on cybercrime and cyberdeviance is based on his original research at Western detailing the link between cyberbullying and criminal paraphilia. 

Digital DeathDigital Death: Mortality & Beyond in the Online Age is an anthology by a number of international experts, including Michael Arntfield as a contributing author, critically examining the rise of the online obituary and how social media has changed how we write about the dead and engage in collective memorialization, including the epistemology of a digital afterlife.

DystopiaFemale Rebellion in Young Adult Dystopian Fiction is an anthology co-edited by Miranda Green-Barteet that critically examines the current fandom surrounding female protagonist narratives in such titles as The Hunger Games, Divergent, Twilight and other topical works that are simultaneously changing popular tastes while meriting academic and literary analysis.

Vegan ManifestoManifesto Queer Vegan is a monograph by Rasmus Simonsen that has been translated into Italian from an earlier essay originally published in English in the Journal for Critical Animal Studies. The book examines, among other questions with respect to how veganism might challenge traditional performances of the self through consumption, how hegemonic cultural norms have engineered a purportedly "natural" bond between gender roles and animal consumption.