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Recent PhD Graduates

Geoffery BardwellGeoffrey Bardwell

Dissertation Title: "It's not just because of the space, it's what people are doing": Creating and Sustaining LGBTQ Community in London, Ontario, 1970-2015"

Geoffery has accepted a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at the Department of Medicine at the University of British Columbia where he will be working on a community-based project in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside that explores the social-, structural-, and physical-environmental influences on the implementation and effectiveness of overdose prevention interventions for those who are precariously housed in single room accommodations and emergency shelters.

cayenLaura Cayen

Dissertation Title: Assuming Feminism: Postfeminist and Gendered, Neo-Liberal Health Discourses in Online Sexual Health Information

chisholmJennifer Chisholm

Dissertation Title: For Keeps-Sake: Women's Experiences with Elective Prenatal Ultrasound Imaging in Canada

granthamKate Grantham

Dissertation TitleMaking microfinance work: exploring effective strategies to promote Tanzanian women’s economic and social status through microfinance

nicole ephgraveNicole Ephgrave

Dissertation Title: Sexual Violence at Nyarubuye: History, Justice, Memory. A Case Study of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide

gardinerRita Gardiner

Dissertation Title: Thinking with Arendt: Authenticity, Gender and Leadership

ssaskaSarah Saska

Dissertation Title: Social Innovation and Gender Equality

Since completing her PhD, Sarah Saska has launched Feminuity (www.feminuity.org), a boutique consulting firm that uses a gender lens to enable start-ups, companies, organizations, and long-running institutions to identify their blind spots, enhance their organizational cultures, and improve their bottom line. Feminuity is quickly becoming a global leader at the intersection of innovation and gender equality, with clients in three countries.

Anna TrudellAnnaLise Trudell

Dissertation Title: Girls' Speak: Criticality as Agency