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Degree Requirements

Master's Program

The Master's Program is a full-time program running from September to August each year.

All students will be required to take the following MA-level courses in the Department:
i) WS 9550 Feminist Theory (half course)
ii) WS 9560 Reseaching Lived Experience- Feminist Methodologies (half course) or
WS 9565 Feminist Theory and Methods in the Arts and Humanities
iii) Three additional full (or equivalent) courses from the approved list of courses

Students will have two options to complete the MA in Women's Studies:
a) Course-intensive MA:
Four full (or equivalent) graduate courses, including WS 9550 and WS 9560 or WS 9565, selected from the approved list of courses posted on the Women's Studies website.

b) Independent Research Project:
Three full (or equivalent) graduate courses including WS 9550 and WS 9560 or WS 9565 and an Independent Research Project (IRP). A student choosing this program will register in course work and in an IRP (WS 9599). Students will be required to indicate their area of interest to the Graduate Chair prior to enrolling in WS 9599 in order to match them with a suitable supervisor. Click here for full guidelines. IRP Grading form.


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