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2008-2009 President's Welcome


Welcome to the website of the Western Caucus on Women’s Issues. Women’s Caucus, as it is habitually called, is an unusual–perhaps unique–group in that its membership is open to all women on campus, who work together to serve as agents of change and to support the aspirations of women in the Western community.

As a result, Women’s Caucus is a diverse community whose members come together for meetings and events of various kinds. In 2008-2009, this work includes the launching and marketing of the fourth video project sponsored by Caucus. Entitled “Voices of Diversity,” the video has already attracted interest in the national media and in institutions of higher education across the country. To order the video, see the order form on the website.

This year Caucus will also be working on mentoring issues, trying to work out strategies for women who are establishing and developing their careers, whether as undergraduate or graduate students, or as staff or faculty members.

Please consider joining Women’s Caucus and supporting its activities, which also include annual essay prizes for the best undergraduate and graduate papers in the field.

Jane Toswell
Department of English
President, Women’s Caucus 2008-2009



2007-2008 President's Welcome



As the events of the spring of 2007 demonstrate, the women of Western can be a formidable force and the Caucus can provide one important site for organizing ourselves to confront and resolve a wide range of issues. The decision to open membership to female undergraduate students this year has further strengthened the Caucus and ensures that every woman who studies and works on campus can join us in efforts to make Western a more inclusive and welcoming community.

This year we will be focusing on several activities including efforts to support the Provost and monitor progress as he works to realize his commitment to change the culture at Western. Work on the video project will be completed and the new production launched in the spring. Other initiatives such as the essay award and participation on relevant university committees will continue.

If you have questions or concerns related to women’s issues on campus, would like to get involved with the work of Caucus, or have ideas for projects we should be undertaking, please contact me or one of the other members of the executive. Every best wish for a successful and productive year.

Rebecca Coulter
President, 2007-08


2006-2007 President's Welcome




2006-2007 President's Welcome

Kelly Olson

As President of Western’s Caucus on Women’s Issues, I’d like to welcome you to Caucus this year! The WCWI was founded in 1980 to promote and safeguard the interests of women at The University of Western Ontario and its affiliates, and has been successful in its initiatives meant to benefit female faculty, graduate students, and staff. I am proud to be part of such a energetic, committed group of women.

We work to cultivate a sense of community among female staff, faculty, and graduate students at Western. We maintain close ties with the Department of Women’s Studies and the Centre for Violence Against Women. We also have a presence at women’s events in and around London as Take Back the Night and the Dec. 6th commemoration.

Our projects this year include initiating another Women’s Safety Audit. Women’s safety at Western is an ongoing issue, but the construction in and around campus (with the attendant dark parking lots and tunnels) makes the renewal of this question pertinent and timely.

I urge you to participate in our activities this coming year, and if you have any ideas for initiatives or events for us, please don’t hesitate to contact one of your executive committee!

All the best,

Kelly Olson
Classical Studies

2005-2006 President's Welcome

Shaila Beaudry

I would like to welcome everyone to our Western's Caucus on Women's Issues Website. As President of Women's Caucus I am thrilled to be a part of this dynamic group of amazing women members. Women's Caucus was founded in 1980 as an advocacy and informational group for all women staff, faculty and grad students at Western.


We need your ideas!


My mandate this year is to reach out and to get involved all women working on campus with our Caucus activities. I want Caucus to truly reflect the needs and concerns of women at Western. In order to do this I need your involvement. I need your ideas, your voice and your creativity.


Please come out to our Fall General Meeting which will be held September 15, 2005 at 4 pm in UC 224A . Keep checking our website for other events throughout the year.


Hope to see you soon!


Best regards,
Shaila Beaudry


2004-2005 President's Welcome

 Bonnie McLachlan


    As the incoming president of Women's Caucus, I would like to thank you for your interest in Western's Caucus on Women's Issues, regularly known as the "Women's Caucus." Since its founding in 1980, Caucus has been instrumental in bringing about beneficial changes for female graduate students, faculty and staff on campus, a place that had earned the dubious reputation of having an exceedingly chilly climate for women.

      As you can track on our (regularly updated) website, we are and will continue to be involved in a number of events connected with the activity of women at UWO. These may range from insisting on University support for the needs of families that affect women, such as daycare, or the need to care for dependents other than small children. We are engaged with equity initiatives of all kinds on campus. We routinely showcase women's research. We keep up an active link with the Centre for Women's Studies and Feminist Research, and the Centre for Violence Against Women.

      Caucus also sustains contact with community groups in London that work with women, such as the Women's Events Committee, that organizes such events as "Take Back the Night" and the Dec. 6 th commemoration of the Montreal Massacre.

      Our Fall General Meeting will be held on September 23rd , and our Spring General Meeting on March 23rd. Check our website for other events throughout the year.

      If you have concerns or issues relating to the status of women on campus, please do not hesitate to bring them to our attention.

All the best,

Bonnie MacLachlan,

Dept. of Classical Studies (bmacl@uwo.ca)

2003-2004 President's Welcome

Gloria Leckie, WCWI President 2003-2004

As the President of Women’s Caucus, I’d like to welcome you to the Caucus and invite you to join and participate in the activities that are taking place this year. 

Since its founding in 1980, the Women’s Caucus has been instrumental in bringing about beneficial changes for female faculty and staff at Western, so it’s a great privilege to serve as the President for the coming year.

We have a number of interesting events that are going to take place. Coming up in December, we will be unveiling our redesigned website.

Another event we are planning is to have a launch of the Women’s Caucus archives project. As well, we are discussing the possibility of having a conference on the topic of Women in Science at Western, perhaps in the spring.

WCWI will also be conducting an essay contest open to undergraduate and graduate students. The winners will be announced in Fall 2004.

Watch for forthcoming details!

I’m sure other projects will arise throughout the coming months – they always do! It should be a great year. I look forward to meeting you at some of our events. And, as always, if you have concerns or issues relating to the status of women on campus, please don’t hesitate to bring them to our attention.

Gloria Leckie,
Faculty of Information and Media Studies.

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