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1. Voices of Diversity: Creating a culture of safety, respect and
belonging on campus.

Provocative, insightful and highly personal, VOICES OF DIVERSITY:
Creating a culture of safety, respect and belonging on campus is a
timely and unique video. The video challenges preconceived ideas about
what it means to study, live and work at a Canadian university or

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2. The Chilly Climate: In Colleges and Universities

image: video cover"The film is excellent, important, and makes its point with vigour, intelligence, and humour" (Sheldon Levy, Vice-President, York University, Ontario).
"The video is having a tremendous impact... Our Employment Equity Office is constantly receiving requests that it be shown" (Lousie Forsyth, Dean, College of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan).

This film is a fast-paced and interesting collage of the voices of many different women who clearly and succinctly outline the issue of the chilly climate and its pervasive harm in universities and colleges. The issues in this film are still relevant, and more than simply for the historical account it presents. A facilitator's manual is also available to direct post-viewing discussion. Sorry-- out of stock!


2. Backlash to Change: Moving Beyond Resistance

image: video coverIn the name of freedom of speech, liberal values, and individual expression, those opposed to equality justify their backlash to change. Constructive change to eliminate discrimination on the basis of gender, race, class or ability faces many different forms of backlash tactics to prevent constructive change from happening -- or to turn it around.



3. Backlash to Change: First Nations People Speak Out

image: video cover"Backlash has deep roots in racism, oppression and genocide. Our people have survived over 500 years of attacks on our culture, livelihoods, and communities...." Backlash to equity is not new for First Nations people. Elders need to pass on stories to bring truths forward, to expose the wounds that allow healing to take place. In this film First Nations people share their insights into and experiences of backlash to equity.




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