Western's Caucus on Women's Issues

Spring ll-02 Newsletter

The Caucus Archive Project is underway
The first steps have been taken toward creating an official Caucus Archive through the University's new Archive Program. The mandate of this program is to document not just the official history of UWO, but also the 'real' history of UWO. Thus there is interest in acquiring the records of 'campus organizations', like ours. Robin Kierstead, Head Archivist, met with the Caucus Executive earlier this month and explained how we would go about making a Caucus archive through the University's Archive Program.

To create the archive we would have to donate the material by making a deed of gift to the university. However, copyright and access rights would not be waived. Caucus can stipulate the access that people will have to the material and this will be written into the agreement that we enter into with the University. (For instance, we might allow general public access to our newsletters, but for all other material restrict access to those with written permission from the Caucus Executive.) If the University Archive were to be closed the materials would be returned to the Caucus.

The Caucus archive would be kept with other archive materials (which is currently in Elborn College). There are significant security measures designed to ensure that confidential materials remain confidential. Archives of specific groups will be kept in a secure place with limited key access and the materials will be kept in a numbered (and otherwise unmarked) box.

We are hoping to collect Caucus materials over the early part of the summer, so we ask Caucus members to go through their files for any Caucus material and let us know when and where we can pick it up. This would allow the archivists to do a preliminary sort through the summer and then draw up a donation agreement in time for it to be discussed at the Fall General meeting in September. The archivists will flag material which they think may be sensitive and will advise the Caucus Executive as to what they think would be appropriate limitations to place on access, though this is ultimately at the discretion of Caucus. Of course, donations will be made on an on-going basis and newly discovered materials can always be integrated into the archive at a later date.

We can ask that materials donated by individual members be kept separate so that any materials not needed for the archive (such as doubles of old newsletters) can be returned to the donating member. The Archivist ideally wants everything in our Caucus files and will determine whether or not it appropriate for the archive.

The Caucus Executive is eager to get feedback from the general membership about the archive and what members, especially long-standing members, think would be appropriate procedures regarding access. If you have Caucus files let us know and we will make sure they find there way to Robin Kierstead's office.

Family Pride Collection continues to grow
The Family Pride Collection at the Pride Library continues to grow, with the funds donated by Counseling Foundation of Canada. Plans are being made to launch the website, tentatively called Family Pride Canada, in mid-May. Although the URL has not yet been specified the site will be accessible through the Pride Library website (which, incidentally has been updated and revamped).

NAC is celebrating its 30th birthday and International Women's Day.
The following is a message and invitation from NAC. It is with some relief that we received this as there has been little if any news from NAC over the last year. The only contact has been through an open discussion list which has had huge amounts of traffic, so much that it has been impossible to keep on top of it. It seems that NAC has followed our NAC Liaison's (Samantha Brennan) advice (and doubtless that of many others) and has now separated a list for announcements and events from the discussion list and we hope this will facilitate communications with NAC in the future.

Dear members and friends of NAC: It is with a great sense of accomplishment and great pride that we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women (NAC). Together we have built a nationwide feminist coalition committed to lobbying the government, educating the public and achieving political change and women's equality.

NAC wishes to invite friends and supporters to NAC'S 30th Anniversary and 2002 International Women's Day Banquet, "Keeping the struggle for justice, equality and peace alive!" The party will be held on Friday, March 22, 2002 at 7:00 p.m. at the Bright Pearl Restaurant (346 Spadina Avenue, Toronto).

We will have guest speakers, entertainment and a live auction. We have a limited number of seats so mark the date in your calendars and contact the NAC Office at (416) 932-1718 to reserve a ticket ($45) or a table ($400).

Solidarity, NAC

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